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12 Stones: Cast the first

12 Stones is certainly not what I expected coming from the dirty blues and southern rock encrusted southern state of Louisiana.   There sound is more intriguing than the heavy riffs of earlier decades.   While Casselmans is not my venue of choice, usually due to sound problems, the venue did a great job making the band better than their CD.   While many organic elements are often lost in the mixing and mastering of an album this band brought a stage presence that was beyond expectation, weaving in different patterns and melodies that others choose not to play with in their genre and that were not heard in the album itself.

Paul McCoy created an excellent front image with the same high energy we saw in his past hits.   The vocals ride roughly melodic above the intricacies of Eric Weavers Guitar.   The best part about this set was the bass notes.   Where some of the heavy drums and bass are lost at times in the album they are clear and precise on stage.   Will Reeds bass timing against Aaron Gainer’s drums made for a phenomenal grind.

With This Platinum selling artist continues their tour through the Rockies and the Midwest as they release their new single Psycho.   Check out the band on any of the key social networking sites and buy the new single if you like them on iTunes or Amazon.





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