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13 Nails Coming To A Crypt Near You


I’m not entirely sure what crypt these guys crawled out from under, but I’m certainly glad they did. Or at least they did long enough to answer some quick questions before retreating to the shadows whence they came…..

Tell me how you guys at 13 Nails came together.

After being in multiple bands over the years I (Johnny) set out to take my love for music and horror and do it the way I wanted to do it. Grey, Joshenstein and I worked in other bands previously and they joined me immediately. Took a few drummers but we found the right one for us with Mark Girard.

What can you tell us about your album American Grindhouse.

The album is consisting of original material we have had that never got recorded along with many new songs that have developed. The title comes from a documentary I was watching one day that really described how the band worked and the love for older horror. The songs just kinda fell suit in with the title without even trying. We are very proud of this record and looking forward to touring in support of it.

Who are some of the musicians that inspired and helped create 13 Nails.

Wayne Static, Lemmy, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, James Sullivan, to name a few.

What are your three favorite bands to have toured or played with?

Wednesday 13, John 5, and Wayne Static


You guys have a show with Wednesday 13 and ELETE coming up. How’s it feel sharing a stage with so much Badassery?

It feels great, we have shared the stage with both bands previously but not on the same bill. We all bring something to the show and the fans are in for a treat to get all of us together.

Any plans for going on tour soon?

We will be doing CO dates from Aug-Oct and The last week in October we will be on tour with our friends Seven Days Lost

Jack The Ripper was your inspiration for From Hell. What is it you think that still fantasizes people about Jack The Ripper?

I think it comes from that for just a short period things were so out of control. You could be eating dinner across the table from him and not even know it. In the song “From Hell” I touch on the fact that no knew him or could figure out who it was. I believe that mystery is still what drives people to dive so deep into the case.

Addams Family or The Munster’s?

Yes lol

What’s next for 13 Nails?

Lots of promo work and shows in promotion of American Grindhouse. With the way we all think I am sure a second album isn’t far off. We also have a little treat coming out right before Christmas.13956980_10153952717634926_1246133049_n

What’s one of your favorite memories for bands that you’ve shared a stage with?

One of our favorite memories we still laugh about now is, when we pulled up to the venue in Cheyenne WY to open for Wayne Static. There was this guy sitting on the curb with a dirty polo on with pink LOVE shorts on, with a beanie on in the middle of summer. We pull up look around and say excuse me as we start loading in. 30 minutes later we are soundchecking and that guy is walking around on the stage and couple of us turn and look at each other and go HOLY SHIT that’s Wayne Static.

Any last thoughts you want to leave with our readers?

We want people to have fun at our shows, we do our best to give you the biggest show possible! If you haven’t seen us yet make it out and if you have come out again! We want to keep the girls dancing and the guys moshing!

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