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One Way to Live – Concert Review – May 18th


On Thursday, May 18th, 2017 the Marquis Theater became a battleground for the up and coming Denver-based post-hardcore quintet, One Way to Live (OWL). With a myriad of influences in Nu-Metal, Metalcore, and Classic Hardcore, OWL plan to pave the way for Denver’s ever-growing Metal scene, by creating their own unique clash of sounds. Respecting the past, focused on improving the future.


As a thunderous boom bellows throughout the Marquis the young quintet invade the stage, immediately engaging the crowd, calling them to the floor as they begin their set with a distorted introduction. OWL wastes no time as they promptly follow with their first number “A Man / A Warrior,” and with unyielding energy herald in the night’s festivities. The shattered screams of Ryan Schraeder coupled with the clean vocals of Ryan Graham create a bipolar ballad further emphasizing the band’s varying stylistic combinations. As their first track starts to fade, OWL take the time to thank the fans, forthcoming bands, and venue showing the respect they have for the craft and appreciation to be on stage. Quickly returning to their previous intensity, OWL’s second song “Locket” comes crashing in with Kevin Marquez’s turbulent drumming over bestial bass riffs from the band’s youngest member Dylan Graham. Constant movement from the band members and aerial stunts from Schraeder grab the attention of the audience as more people began to take the floor. The band then ends “Locket” with another shout out to the crowd calling them all to the front in preparation for the second half of their show.


OWL centers their set with the aptly named song “Restless,” as they come blazing in with furious speed and pure aggression. Continually engaging the audience, calling on them to jump, and all the while keeping their music crisp, shows fans that the band is dedicated to keeping them entertained. As the antics of “Restless” end, OWL shows no hesitation as they carry the crowds hype into their next number, and with raised fists begin “The Disembodied Fortune.” Those fists soon morph into middle fingers as Schraeder impishly commands the onlookers to “GET THE FUCK UP,” as the dubious duet of Jacob Pool and Ryan Graham drown the room in their coordinated distortion. Finally, with middle fingers still held high, OWL unleashes their newest single “Hourglass”, which is a no-holds-barred headbanger. Pool unleashes a series of blazing guitar riffs that spark the crowd into jumping again, only this time with much more force. As the floorboards begin to bend, OWL ride the high of “Hourglass” to the very end, pushing the venue and themselves to the limits.


One Way to Live really opened the crowd for the night to come. Given the amount of energy they displayed and seeing how the audience grew over the course of show, it is clear to see that OWL has a bright future in the scene. Those who did not know of them before Thursday night surely do now. WIth how young the band is, it will be curious to see how far they progress in the future; but as of now they remain a beacon of light for Mile-High metalcore culture.


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