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A Will Away: Bluebird Theatre 7/7 Review

Connecticut rockers A Will Away brought their pop-punk infused style of alternative rock to Denver’s Bluebird Theatre on July 7. The band is currently on tour opening for This Wild Life, along with Dryjacket.

During their 30 minute set, the band played a good assortment of songs from their recently released Here Again and a couple older songs to give the audience a good idea of what exactly A Will Away is about. Their sound has a very traditional pop-punk foundation with an indie twist; fast guitars and hard hitting lyrics found in pop-punk while the intros and bridges tend to add a bit more melody to the mix. This combination makes for an easy-going listening experience for anyone, whether you’re an old fan or new.

A small crowd of people stood in front of the stage when the band began their first song, bobbing along to the music. Some fans stood out as they passionately swung their heads around, singing along while the band found their footing on the small stage. Through the second song a few stragglers wandered in from outside, filling out the crowd. But by the third song, the band had found their groove and was feeling the music, using every inch of the stage to thrash around while the crowds energy heightened.

In between each song, singer Matt Carlson bantered nonchalantly with the crowd as if they were all one big group of friends, half the time not even using the microphone and instead just raising his voice. It became apparent how down-to-earth the band is as they were talking about their travels through the desert earlier that day, explaining their van complications, and just making conversation.

By the time the band finished their last song, the crowd had grown in front of the stage and throughout the rest of the venue. A quick glance around the room would show that everyone was enjoying the music, swaying along and tapping their feet to the rhythm. A Will Away definitely gained some new fans that night, and it’s hard not to become a fan when it’s so easy to listen to and the lyrics relatable. If you don’t believe me, check them out on tour and see for yourself.



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