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Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival Denver Premiere and Terrance Zdunich Interview

Everyone is always bitching that there’s no good movies any more.  Well that’s because you’re watching easily digestible non-challenging flicks in the Pepsiplex(tm) made by turd people.  Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival which is the sequel to a film with the identical name except the Alleluia! part is an excellent film.  No BS, Alleluia! is radness for the ol’ noggin. “Alleluia! it’s noggin radness!” coming to a DVD blurb near you.  I’m a huge fan of The Devil’s Carnival 1 and Repo! The Genetic Opera which is by the same dudes.  You can tell because they put one of these ! after a word in the title.  I think this team of film making weirdos have really hit their stride and created a near perfect fit for us film watching weirdos. The Alleluia! premiere in Denver had lines around the block and was completely sold out and considering that it was in the middle of the week that’s fairly ridiculous.  But we loves our weirdness don’t we Denver?  Go see Alleluia! you won’t be disappointed and watch the interview with Terrance Zdunich because the dude is hilarious, talented and extremely cool (Even if he babysips his whiskey hahaha!).

Premiere pics and video by Vincent Renn of Fiendish Memories


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