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American Standards Album Review

Arizona based quartet American Standards have made a name for themselves in the hardcore realm, having shared the stage with staples like Everytime I Die and Norma Jean, and their latest album Anti-Melody will make you understand why. Pulling heavily from real-life influences and the social divides in our society, this album captures the anger amongst the masses and unifies them into one collective voice. Anti-Melody is the fourth album from American Standards and contains eight songs that highlight the band’s frustrations with the world.

Each song touches oAmerican Standard Anti Melodyn a different social issue ranging from healthcare and mental health to racial bias and the role media plays in our lives. ‘Danger Music #9’ touches on our healthcare system and the flaws that it puts in place in our society. The breakdowns in this song propel you through, demanding a physical reaction while the blood starts pumping through your body faster. ‘Chicago Overcoat’ is an ode to one of the founding members of the band who committed suicide. Lyrically, the song delves into feelings of depression and the inability to move past it. Musically the song delivers a steady guitar rhythm that carries you throughout the song with vocals that showcase the pain and anger felt by the remaining members.


Anti-Melody will open your eyes to the outside world, making you take notice of the issues that others are facing and showcasing triggers that we face on a daily basis. If you are a fan of social commentary with intense musical and sing-along breakdowns, this is the album for you to check out.

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