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(Rules of The Gauntlet: The artists (In this case Andre Jevnik of Wild Planes is sent a butt ton of  questions ranging from standard to stupid  from which they must choose  at least  12 to answer and return them to us with a minimum of tear stains). 

  • Tell me why your music rules. Or why it sucks.

A: Hey y’all! Thanks for the interview, these are some funny ass questions! So, why does our music rule….well, we feel that each one of our songs can connect with someone regardless of what genre they like. We have groovy songs on the pop/rock side and we have bad ass rock n roll tunes. Anyone can pick their poison depending on their mood. We have a nice arc with the tunes. To be honest, sometimes the songs really suck when we are in the writing stage. Some songs were almost not written because it just wasn’t coming together. Best thing to do when songs suck is whip out a bottle of booze, take a break get a little toasty and get back in the woodshed. 

  • Tell me about your new album.  The writing, vibe, production/producers, etc.

A: We just released our new EP “Singin ‘N’ Slingin” which has “Money”, “The Hunter”, “We Don’t Know This”, “Drunk” and “Im Back”. This is our favorite batch of music we’ve ever done. Every song we have we love but these ones really get us goin! It’s pretty cool to get pumped up to your own music as a listener while we are on the road, hotel room, before a show etc: We wanted to go more rock n roll and stay true to our roots as people and musicians. We love how this EP shows our cross between Rock n Roll and Pop. We recorded the EP at Soundmine Studios in Pennsylvania with Dan Malsch. The process was amazing, we had a lot of fun tracking, hanging out, drinking wine and growing these songs. This is a strong start for whats to come. We have another batch of songs that are even more insane and rockin!  

  • What are you working on right now?

A: Well, as of now we have an albums worth of new music. We went even further with rock n roll and pop sensibility, pushing the boundaries not only with our writing but the arrangements to the songs. Next step for us is to pick which ones we want for an Album in 2020.  While we do that, we are traveling playing concerts, getting new merchandise and planning new music videos for the other songs. 

  • Why do you make your style of music? Why not polka? or Japanese symphonic folk metal? or..?

A: Rock N Roll is in our soul. Its a blessing and a curse that is unshakable. All three of us have it and we will not stop until the world is rocking with us. What we figured out is to write music that we want to hear. It sounds simple but it is tough sometimes. So many great bands, artists and genres that influence us but what do we want to hear, what will get us going. Luckily, all three of us know what we like and what sounds good as a band. 

  • How often do you work on your music?

A: Since we live fairly close to each other, we get together every night usually. Whether its writing acoustic or full on live, we are always rocking. Its important to stay fresh and up to date with new stuff and current songs. Even if we are a little out of it, we still always keep things moving forward. 

  • What is your philosophy? Motto?

A: Very simple. Have a good time all the time! You gotta just keep your head held high, guitar by your side and truckin. Life is too short, theres a lot of fun to be had out there. 

  • What exactly is “Going apeshit?”

A: There are many ways of going Ape Shit. There’s that one bad night when your excited and drunk after a show or at a party and become wild. All three of us have had many apeshit nights. Then there’s going apeshit on stage of course. When we hit the stage, we explode. You also know when you went apeshit because you body hurts like hell. 

  • Who are your influences?

A: We have so many influences that we love collectively. Aerosmith, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Whitesnake the list goes on and on. All these bands and artists have a magic in their records that is hard to find today. There are a lot of cool new rock bands coming up with great songs but we still are drawn to the old cats. It all depends on our mood and what we are into though. Some weeks its Ozzy Osbourne, some weeks its Queen. Either way, we love them all! 

  • Peace or freedom?  (You can’t have both.)Why?

A: Freedom, always.. hands down. Peace means nothing if you can’t grow yourself as a person or have to follow “rules” set by society. Peace just means no war, but doesn’t mean people are happy. Its an easy choice because it does lead to both. With freedom comes peace in the end.  

  • How long could you live without money?

A: This one is tough because our song is called ‘Money” on our new EP.. Without that song, we would be pretty damn sad. When it comes to fresh, green, cold, sweet cash….we wouldn’t live that long. We like to have fun too much! 

  • What was the last song you listened to before this interview?

A: Before this awesome interview we were jamming out to Black Sabbath “Master Of Reality”. Such a great album, those songs are simply amazing!  

  • Why should people experience your music?

A: Everyone should experience our music because it makes you feel good! Each song has a message, vibe and story that is relatable. It can be about a relationship, money, or just sheer fun. Our live show is also an experience of its own because you feel the power of the music. The goal is to bang the music into your brain… All in all if you want to let loose and forget about the world, come see Wild Planes 

  • Stella or Guinness? Why?

A: This one is super tough.. Stella is such a great beer and refreshing but Guinness has a vibe to it that puts you in a rockin mood. Can we combine the two? “Stelluiness”, how would that taste? 

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