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Applesauce – MHHFF Review

By Meli

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again my friends. Welcome to my coverage of Applesauce. This was the first movie on my list today. I’m going to keep it short since I’m knee deep in the chaos that is the Mile High Horror Film Festival!

Now, I must admit, after watching the trailer I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. It starts out with Steve Bricks and his late night radio call in show. Each Tuesday night callers get to tell the world what the worst thing they have ever done is. Enter Ron, he is a high school teacher with a hot wife. Ron is of Turkish decent, why do I mention this? Check out the movie and you will see a few ‘uncomfortable’ moments where this is important as well as amusing. So as you can imagine Ron is a long time listener and a first time caller. I won’t reveal his secret, but what I can tell you is… after telling it things start to happen. Things like a severed finger in the mail, a severed foot in the laundry. All disturbing and yet amusing. How they made a horror movie that’s equally funny as it is horrific (without being totally gross) is an impressive feat! I didn’t find the movie scary (been watching horror since birth), but I found its many twists and turns to be quite refreshing. The movie held my attention the entire time and since I have the attention span of a gnat that’s saying something. The humor was spot on an the general pace of the movie was perfect.

I hope you will add this one to your list of movies to see this weekend!

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