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Magic Mike – Review

(By Meli)      Abs, butts, and boobies oh my! The trailer for this movie is a bit deceiving.   They say it’s about a male stripper Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) taking some kid under his wing and showing him [...]

January 6, 2013 Flicks, Grooveyness

Sinister – Review

(By Meli) I don’t want to watch, I don’t want to watch!”   My poor wife was a trooper she hates movies like this, but said yes when I asked her to watch it with me.   Can I have [...]

January 1, 2013 Flicks, Grooveyness

The Factory – Review

     I’ve given this some thought and I’m happy to announce that I have come up with a ratings system worthy of this site.   I’m going to be rating each movie based on Jell-O shots.   That’s right, [...]

December 28, 2012 Flicks, Grooveyness


(By Meli) Here we are again with another installment from the Peter Jackson Juggernaut of Expensive Films!   Who else could make a 300 plus page book into three full length films?   For those of you that have been [...]

December 17, 2012 Flicks