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Retro Review: Football Games Edition

Yet again, another glorious season of glamorized professional football is upon us.  And just like last season, all the players have been placed in a giant Yahtzee tumbler and strewn across different teams. Though there is no such thing as [...]

September 8, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness, Rants

Top 5 Reboots to Classic Games to Save the Console

       I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. From the early days of simple red LED lights blinking randomly on a black playing field to preordering the newest overpriced console in the present [...]

August 25, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness

An Evening With Pop Degenerate

An Evening With Pop Degenerate                  Doug asked me to do a close-up interview with one of our sponsors and partners, Pop Degenerate. They are a grassroots DIY business, a self-contained and self-funded custom art creator and retailer.  They create [...]

August 3, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness

I Got Beat Up By A 12 Year Old Lando Calrissian At Comic-Con

The Second Annual 2013 Denver Comic-Con has come and gone.  The sheer number of attendees was absolutely mind-boggling in scope, since the Denver Convention Center was sold out for all three days.  I showed up a couple hours late due [...]

June 3, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness


                                                    The crowning achievement in the life of any game geek is the revered act [...]

March 21, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness, Rants

I Got Sent To The Second Biggest Electronics Expo In The U.S.

                                                    Doug called me excitedly with good news two weeks ago.   Naturally, I missed [...]

February 20, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness, Rants