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Big Bad Wolves – Movie Review

Big Bad Wolves(By Meli) The costumes, gore and screams are over for now, but the movies will last forever.  I’m talking about the Mile High Horror Film Festival.  I had the pleasure of attending and screening Big Bad Wolves.  This movie is from Israel and therefore the entire movie is in Hebrew.  My sweetie grew up in Israel and is fluent in Hebrew so it’s a no brainer I’d want to see this movie.  Now before I get too far ahead of myself, I want to give major props to the filmmakers for bringing this film to the festival this year.  Their distributor didn’t want to send the film to Denver because they felt the MHHFF wasn’t a big enough venue for it.  The filmmakers stepped up and said you will send it…and voilà…yours truly was sitting in the dark, popcorn in one hand, soda in the other, enjoying the pre-movie show from Enigma before the movie started.  🙂

So….Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?  Not me, but I’m scared as hell of the father of a murdered girl.  There is nothing he won’t do to recover the severed head of his murdered daughter.  The movie starts with the disappearance of a little girl and the subsequent beating of the main suspect by the police.  This beating is caught on video and placed on you tube.  You can imagine the crap storm it creates for the police and eventually stalls the investigation.  At this point the father decides to take matters into his own hands.  He kidnaps the suspect and begins to systematically torture him in the same manner the girls were tortured before being killed.  You can imagine the screams of pain in the basement and then…ding dong.  Who should show up at the door but his father with a hearty pot of soup in one hand and his fully automatic weapon on the other.   Really?  Excuse me creepy dude in the basement, bleeding all over my floor, but I need to partake of some soup with my father.  Please don’t make too much noise and disturb us.  This is just a sampling of the humor in this film with the best part being near the end of the film when the Israeli cop runs into an Arab on horseback in the middle of the night.  The conversation that follows is priceless.  Anyway, back to soup and torture…after the little soup break things get even more interesting, intense, and gruesome.  There are a few twists and turns in this little gem and at one point people really started to wonder if the suspect was guilty or not.  Is he guilty, will we find out in the end?  Hmm….I guess you have to watch and see.

I give Big Bad Wolves 0 out of 5 shots. (0 shots – superb to 5 shots – painfully horrible. Based on how many shots of hard liquor are required to make it through a film.)  I thoroughly enjoyed it and think these guys have a long future of film making ahead of them.

Thank you MHHFF for having us out, and a big thanks to the makers of this film for making date night an awesome one!

Big Bad Wolves

Big Bad Wolves

Big Bad Wolves

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