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Blacktop Mojo Album Review


Blacktop Mojo’s Burn The Ships combine the sounds of country-rock, classic rock, and 90’s alternative rock into one cohesive album.  The production was masterfully done so that these songs are able to translate across multiple platforms, most importantly, in live concerts. 

The two songs that stood out the most were the powerful ‘Make a Difference’ and the rock anthem ‘Chains’.  ‘Make a Difference’ showcases the bands ability to capture feelings of frustration and turn it into a heavy song that is sure to become a crowd favorite. 

Blacktop_Mojo_-_Burn_The_Ships‘Chains’ has a strong intro with crunching guitar sounds and heavy drum beats that carry into the first chorus, which brings smooth lyrics and vocals until the heavy hitting chorus.  Lyrically this song can hit with a wide variety of listeners, pertaining to the emotional chains brought forth by society.  This song would be an excellent candidate for a single as it has the catchy chorus that will appeal to radio but also the hard-hitting guitars that will pull in the rock fans.

‘Prodigal’ is a strong ballad that could be used as a possible single in the future.  Lyrically it portrays emotional pain that people can easily connect with while the soothing, yet rocking, guitar sounds propel the song forward, keeping it upbeat while still able to deliver an emotional message.

The band’s cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ showcases the bands vocal range, putting an alternative twist on Steven Tyler’s vocals and making the song the band’s own creation.  It is reminiscent enough that fans of the original will be pleased, while harder rock fans will enjoy the heavier guitars.

Overall, the album is a cohesive piece of hard-hitting lyrics with smooth-yet-hard guitar sounds and nice decorative drum beats.   Burn the Ships has the ability to appeal to a mass audience, both through radio and live concerts.  Lead singer Matt James’ vocals are hard enough to appeal to hard rock fans, but smooth enough for the general public to grasp and appreciate.

Burn the Ships is available now.

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