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Blood Punch – Review (MHHFF)

By Meli

There are so many things I can say about Blood Punch, the first being….well, insert various Power Ranger jokes here. The writers of this movie, as well as two of the stars, are from the Power Rangers franchise. I didn’t know this until after the movie when they did the Q&A. Apparently the Power Ranger/Disney writers have a dark side. Buh ha ha ha ha!!!!

So what is this movie about you ask? Well it’s about a total brainiac/nerd that decides to make meth. He gets really good at it and lands in himself in hot water. We cut to the in-patient clinic where he is getting his act together and in comes a smoking hot babe. Everyone knows that means trouble. Just how much trouble poor Milton (Milo Cawthorne) didn’t know. Skyler (Olivia Tennent), AKA the hot babe, has hatched a plan to get Milton out of lock up and into her scheme to make the biggest batch of meth in the history of meth. It all has to be cooked in one day and sold off to Skyler’s ex boyfriend/drug dealer. What could possibly go wrong? Oh wait, did I mention Skyler has a boyfriend and he’s a cop. Not just any cop, he is the man with the main ingredient needed to cook the meth and a serious temper. And he is more than just a little crazy. You can see where this is going. Nerd + hot babe + crazy ass cop…yep Love Triangle! Mix in some meth, a hunting cabin in the woods, indian lands, and a day that keeps repeating and it becomes pure chaos! How many ways can one man die? SO many ways! The movie did become quite comical at one point. Once realization sets in that Milton and Skylar might actually love each other, they think maybe, just maybe they can live together with the repeating day and not give it a second thought. Does their day ever end, does the meth ever get cooked, is it any good, and how in the hell did those actors get such great American accents? All of this and so much more will be answered if you just go see this movie. The movie has my seal of approval. It was a great choice for the Mile High Horror Film Festival. It was well acted, creative and it didn’t get boring. There were a few twists and turns and the ending will leave you laughing…..or will it leave you crying? Hmmmm?

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