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My Body Sings Electric “Part 1: The Night Ends” – Album Review

My Body Sings Electric

Denver’s own My Body Sings Electric is set to release their upcoming album, Part 1: The Night Ends, two weeks from today on February 25th.

The first two songs, “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and “Oceancrest” are not “new” per se, as they have both been circulating around since late last year. Both are catchy with pop vibes, with “Keep It Simple, Stupid” having a faster punk type beat, and “Oceancrest” reminiscent of Kings of Leon. “Too Long, Didn’t Read” slows the pace down and adds more of alternative-rock feel to the mix. “New Friends” has that poppy feel like the opening songs, with super catchy vocals and chorus. “Higher” has a pretty similar feel to “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, with the faster pace beats, but higher vocal tones.

“Head Out West” goes back to a slower pace with flowing vocals. The vibe reminds me of Incubus’ slower songs. “Sleeper” instantly had me snapping my fingers, and then dancing. This has to be one of the more funkier songs on the album. “Wild Things” starts out with My Body Sings Electric’s familiar modulation-type chorus, and carries it throughout the poppy song to end with the beginning modulation-type chorus and clapping.

All in all, Part 1: The Night Ends is a great album. My Body Sings Electric has a distinct indie-pop-rock sound, with catchy vocals and chorus, a range of tones and beats, all meshed with dueling guitars, bass and drum. They have found their niche in the indie rock world. I hope they continue to make Denver proud.

My Body Sings ElectricTrack listing:
1. Keep It Simple, Stupid
2. Oceancrest
3. Too Long, Didn’t Read
4. New Friends
5. Higher
6. Head Out West
7. Sleepwalker
8. Wild Things


Pre-order the new album, Part 1: The Night Ends, on digital, CD, & Vinyl:

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