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Brianna Musco Interview

Brianna is a singer-songwriter based out of New Jersey, traveling and touring major cities throughout the United States and Europe. She is a retired Division I soccer player for Delaware State University, where she helped the team win back-to-back league championships her sophomore season. She also studied classical guitar at both Delaware State and Monmouth University.​ Her new album Forever just dropped and has been receiving universal acclaim from critics and fans.

Do you remember your first real concert? What was it and what did you take away from it?

Yes, my first real concert was a Battle of The Bands performance at my high school. I remember being so nervous because everyone in my school only knew me as an athlete. It was such a great feeling to finally be on stage and I knew then that performing was exactly what I wanted to do.

What journey did you take to go from fan to musician and ultimately performer?

I have always been a fan of all styles of music. My Uncle owns a music school and learning techniques from him is still what I look forward to most. I knew that I wanted to perform because it is very similar to athletics. When my body would no longer allow me to participate at a very competitive level athletically, I wanted to focus that energy into performing.

Your EP Forever has met with much critical acclaim.  Did you know you had something special while you were recording?

I am very grateful and very humbled by the reactions of our debut EP. While in the studio, the boys and I had great vibes and were jamming the whole time. As soon as we finished recording the guitars for all the tracks, that was when I stopped being stressed and really began feeling the emotions behind the tracks.

How did you balance the art, musicianship and the all-out punch that Forever delivers?

Forever began as all acoustic songs. I wanted to create a mood for each song that would embody a full thought as one EP. It opens up with a happy, electric-guitar driven pop song and goes right into an angry rock song. I wanted back to back up beat songs to keep the focus on the lyrical content and musicianship. Then we cut right to a ballad, hoping to show versatility in instrumentation and emotion. The final two songs build back up to that faster pace, high energy vibes. My main goal was to have each song compliment one another without sounding too similar to each other.

Were there any special instruments, techniques or styles implemented while recording?

While recording “Stay” the 2nd verse introduces a fun guitar line that was created on the spot. We kept saying we need to put something there and Mario Rodgriguez started fiddling with the guitar. I remember saying, “wait do that again, don’t forget what you just did, Tim please hit record.” It is one of my favorite melodies in the entire EP.

What is the most sentimental thing about Forever for you?

“Heaven” is the most sentimental to me because I wrote that song for my Grandma. I could have written it to be a sad song as she passed away; however, I decided to make it a celebration.

Forever, while musically drives the listener always forward, the lyrics of the album are quite a journey.  How did you meld the two different situations?

I am a huge Stevie Nicks and Taylor Swift fan. I base my lyrical thought off of whether or not it is something they would approve of (hopefully). I try to create lyrics that make the listener think while also letting it resonate with their daily lives. 

What are some of the most impactful songs on your life that you go back to when you need an emotional boost?

“Rhiannon Live 1977” Fleetwood Mac

“Emotions” Mariah Carey

“I Surrender” Celine Dion

What have been your musical and non-musical best moments of the year so far?

My best musical moment this year altogether was filming the “Forever” music video. The boys and I had so much fun traveling, doing crazy things, and all around making every moment count. My best non-musical moment was being asked to be a god mother. 

We are very much looking forward to the next round of your songs. Are you writing and planning on recording soon?

Yes, we already have 3 songs ready to go for the follow-up project and will be writing more while on tour. We will most likely release them as singles throughout the next few months.

What non-musical sound do you love?

I love sitting by the ocean and not worrying about what is going on during that week or that day.

What’s up next for you in your career?

We are on tour now, playing shows all over the US until Sept. We will be releasing some live recordings, new songs, and winter tour dates.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for speaking with me, I hope you have a great weekend and look forward to reading the interview!

Fans can catch the “Forever” music video here and order a copy of “Forever” here.  

Fans can also find Brianna Musco on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and her official website.

Upcoming shows:

7/12 Ankeny, IA Good Times 8pm
7/13 Lincoln, NE House Show
7/14 Nederland, CO @verynicebrewing 7pm
7/15 Denver, CO Owsley’s Crazy Diamond 8pm

7/17 TBA in Kansas City, Missouri
7/18- Emerald Green Room in St. Louis, Missouri
7/21- Kimbros’ Pickin’ Parlor in Franklin, Tennessee
7/29- Gasa Gasa in New Orleans, Louisiana
8/1 – Alley Cat in Carrolton, Georgia
8/2- Alley Cat in Asheville, North Carolina
8/3- DIY House Show in Asheville, North Carolina
8/10- DIY Fest at Boontunes in Boonton, New Jersey
8/18- Radio Bean in Burlington, Vermont
8/24 – Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, New Jersey

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