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Bubbles Erotica Self-Titled Album Review

The eclectic band known as Bubbles Erotica have recently released their full length, self-titled debut album, and are ready to push the boundaries on what you may think of as traditional rock. Combining elements of several different genres and morphing it into their own unique style, the album consists of 10 songs that range from rock to electronic to funk. The lyrical content of the album is simple and easy to follow while the music carries the band through the highs and lows of each song, creating excitement with intriguing guitar solos and powerful vocals.

The first song off the album, ‘Cicada Arcade’, also serves as the first single and features a trippy music video that will entice your visual needs. Singer Philip Hasso’s straightforward vocals offer a contrast from the rolling guitar riff by guitarist Michael Hasso. ‘Wisconsin Discotheque’ is a dancy song that takes pop riffs and tunes them down to an acceptable level of rocking guitars and a steady drumbeat throughout that will keep you tapping your foot.

Bubbles Erotica

Possibly one of the more interesting examples of Bubbles Erotica’s genre-mutating style is ‘Humbaba’, throwing a grooving, funky bassline in with a decisively alternative guitar riff. But the most intriguing features come from the backing female choir and the jazzy horns section that appear in the second verse.

‘Ghost’ lends to the lighter side of the musical realm, pulling from a poppier influence and is a great candidate for radio play. An eerie backing choir allows the lead vocals to shine out, showcasing some of the best lyrics of the album. This is the song that will grab the emotional listeners attention, but still hold onto the musical listeners, especially with the guitar-solo featured in the outro.

Bubbles Erotica’s first full length album is an easy, laid back adventure that propels you through time and genres with each song as it pulls elements from the band’s varied influences and turns it into something completely different and new.


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