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The Road to Excelsior! DR. Angel Co-Founder of Denver Comic Con Video Interview

  Video interview with DR. Angel the Co-Founder of Denver Comic Con, Comic Book Classroom, and ROMOCOCO. [...]

March 4, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness

INFILTRATOR comic book launch interview!


March 1, 2013 Flicks, Geek

I Got Sent To The Second Biggest Electronics Expo In The U.S.

                                                    Doug called me excitedly with good news two weeks ago.   Naturally, I missed [...]

February 20, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness, Rants
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Mister-Sam Shearon Interview

Video interview with master of dark artistry Mister-Sam Shearon. [...]

February 4, 2013 Flicks, Geek, Grooveyness
Atari Combat

Virtual Violence

Video games is a bigger problem than guns.” — Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Wackyland) Come and see the violence inherent in the system!” — Dennis the peasant, while being attacked by Arthur, King of the Britons I’m playing Hello Kitty Island [...]

February 1, 2013 Geek, Rants
Fire-Flames - Copy11 - Copy - Copy

Five Unexpected Side Effects Of Flashing A Smartphone

                                                          I’ve been a loyal customer of Cricket for more than a [...]

January 23, 2013 Geek, Grooveyness, Rants