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(Rules of The Gauntlet: The artist (in this case, Industrial Rock band Chmcl Str8jckt) is sent a butt ton of  questions ranging from standard to stupid  from which they must choose at least  12 to answer and return them to us with a minimum of tear stains). 

Tell me about your new album.  The writing, vibe,production/producers, etc.

Yes! Our new album is called “WRTCHD THNGS”. It is our second proper album (we released a remix album after our self titled debut). We are super proud of this album! It was produced by John Bechdel of Ministry. John is amazing! He really pushed us and took us to the next level. He mixed it, produced it and even played on it. It was heard by and signed to Cleopatra Records….a label we have loved since it’s inception in the early 90’s. What more could we ever hope for? We really enjoyed making/writing this one!! It’s an emotional thrill ride thru the apocolypse!

What are you working on right now?

While we were waiting for things to shake out for WRTCHD THNGS (signing to Cleo, etc) we used that time to write the NEXT album! So the songs are written and demos are recorded. The working title is “BRNG TH BRBN” (Bring The Bourbon). We like to stay ahead of the game!

Why do you make your style of music? Why not polka? or Japanese symphonic folk metal ? or..?

That’s a great question! After a 27 year hiatus from music (for me, Kevin), reconnecting with Mike was priceless. We had an industrial rock/punk band together when we were in college (circa 1989). Mike, Scott and I were teens together…litening to Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, FLA, Skinny Puppy, etc. These bands and all the Wax Trax! releases were the soundtrack to our young lives. Of course when we got back together, it HAD to be this style!

Which voice in your head is the craziest?

The “I am the singer for STR8JCKT voice!” My band/stage  persona is really ME….just uninhibited and a bit amped up! I love the person I am in band mode…..I care about nothing else, just living in the moment (like a dog) and enjoying the music and everyone involved in it!!

How often do you work on your music?

We practice our songs for live performances quite a lot! Weekly, really and sometimes more! We write in spurts though…..the creative fire flares during times of unrest and turmoil. I’ve learned to harness that and write a song a week during those times. Both “WRTCHD THNGS” and “BRNG TH BRBN” were written over about a 2 month period (each). Then we may not write again for many months….it comes out in a torrent. Then stops.

What is your philosophy?Motto?

Bite off more than you can chew……then chew the shit out of it!!!! I’ve lived by this my whole life!

Peace or freedom?  (You can’t have both.) Why?

Freedom, every time. The human design does not allow for peace eternal. There is always the twisted apple that wants power and destruction.

Freedom is the only thing that matters……I would die for it….kill for it. The freedom and power that is inside the individual is what changes and builds the world!

What legendary musicians would you like to play badminton with?

Bob Marley, no doubt. We’d get stoned and laugh and not give a fucking shit about the fucking shuttlecock!

What was the last song you listened to before this interview?

Deep Puple’s “Child In Time”

What’s the most embarrassing band you listen to?

I love Erasure. Our music is very masculine….we are very masculine. I love Erasure…the Culture Club…..Lana Del Rey….not masculine!

Stella or Guinness? Why?

Stella!!! Guiness is made with fish bladders or some shit! Why do I need fish to die for my beer? Fucking hell!

Top five favorite albums?

Ministry- The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

Stone Roses- Stone Roses

Depeche Mode- Black Celebration

Black Sabbath- Paranoid

Revolting Cocks- Beers Steers and Qveers

Name two people cooler than Evel Kneivel. Why?

Lemmy…there has never been a cooler motherfucker on the earth.

My Dad….total badass. Never gave a shit what people thought about him and always did the right thing.

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