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Colorado Festival of Horror, or COFOH, is putting together a fun adult coloring book for horror fans by horror fans, and needs your help.  It features many artworks from Colorado-based creatives, along with artists from around the world. The COFOH Coloring Book Volume 1 is a fundraiser in support of a larger project, a brand-new horror convention coming to Denver, CO, in 2020.  You can visit the Indiegogo campaign to reserve your copy today at

Colorado-based fans of the horror genre wanted to organize a new horror convention fan experience. Dwight and Lisa Thompson, Bret and Jeanni Smith, with Daniel Crosier came together to form COFOH: Colorado Festival of Horror.  As they work toward a date and venue announcement for the convention, a coloring book fundraiser was a fun early activity to help the freshman event build a foundation.

COFOH made friends with artists all around the world, as submissions for the coloring book came through. After the deadline in January, they decided which pieces would be collected in the coloring book.  The finished product will be made available through a successful Indiegogo campaign.

The COFOH Coloring Book Volume 1 featured artists are Jolyon Yates, Zach Howard, Andy Kuhn, Cachet Whitman, Joe Oliver, Xander Smith, Joe Blablazo, Ron Root, Thane Benson, Steve Crockett, LeAnn Fenton, Anthony Pugh, Kevin Waltz, Joe Jackson, Maximilian Rushen Shiffman, Jay Peteranetz, Dharm Khalsa, Jake Tacito, Ben ‘Bar 1’ Rodriguez, Bryan Pederson, Robert Elrod, Mynah Battacharyya, Patrick Baca, and Ryan Kasparian.

To follow COFOH visit, and on at

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