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Con Bro Chill Came and Partied

Imagine being in a Cracker Jack box during a Richard Simmons aerobic workout session, where Day-Glo paints threw up everywhere. Now add some funky beats and lyrics, and you have Con Bro Chill; the Neon Army. The four-piece party rock sensation hit the road last month in support of their new EP, “We Came To Party”. The “We Came To Party Tour” hit Denver on March 21, 2014 at Lost Lake.

For those who have not been to Lost Lake, it’s small. Half the venue is bar seating and the other half reminiscent of a garage. Packed in that garage-esque room, danced and jumped Day-Glo clad fans ready to shake their asses in celebration of Spring Break 2014. I’m not sure what was more eye-catching, the neon crowd bouncing off each other, or the neon/flashy Con Bro Chill on stage. Doned in silver spandex pants with disco ball sparkle jock straps, fringed t-shirts, and high tops, the guys danced around the tiny stage as they belted out their quirky lyrics and beats.

They not only performed their own original music, but also threw in a few covers by U2 and AC/DC. That was a bit unexpected, but then again, I was still not sure what to expect. What I got was pure energetic craziness. Everyone should see Con Bro Chill, even if it’s for the “wtf?” factor. I really don’t know how anyone could not enjoy a night out with these guys. You will laugh, dance and get crazy 80’s style. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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