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Cyanotic Interview

Cyanotic Interview on the Terminatour. It’s basically chaos and not safe for work or human consumption.  

Video by Dogg Souljah

About Cyanotic:

CyanoticTerminaTour(From:  Cyanotic defines aggressive electronic rock, melding elements of metal, electro and drum ‘n’ bass to create a unique sonic assault. Breaking down the barriers between guitar and electronic genres.

The band’s fan base is rapidly growing, thanks to word of mouth and memorable performances alongside bands like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meat Beat Manifesto, 16 Volt, Chemlab, Andrew W.K., Stromkern, Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack and many more.

Cyanotic and Glitch Mode Recordings [the group’s affiliation] began in the early 2000s. Sean Payne [vocals/electronics] and Drew Rosander [guitars/synths] were learning to make music with computers and guitars, partying in empty houses, growing up around the rave scene in Chicago, basement punk shows in Indiana and drug excess all through the midwest.

In 2003, “Mutual Bonding Through Violation” was released through Cyanotic’s own Glitch Mode Records to coincide with the band’s first US tour. Chris Hryniewiecki [guitars] became a member later that same year. “MBTV” is now out of print.

“MBTV” set the tone for what fans could expect from Cyanotic. Great reviews and various shows, including a US tour lead to the release of “Transhuman” in 2005. This was Cyanotic’s first full length album. Relentless touring of the US and Canada sold this album out in August of 2006.

Cyanotic delivered “Transhuman 2.0″ to the public in July 2007 via Bit Riot Records and WTII Records. The limited 2-disc deluxe edition features the original “Transhuman”, as well new songs, alternate mixes, bonus tracks and guest appearances from members of Front Line Assembly, 16 Volt, Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack, mindfluxFuneral and Rabbit Junk. Bit Riot Records has begun the single pressing of “T.2″, reporting that the limited edition will soon be out of print.

One of the most talked about albums from Cyanotic is without a doubt “The Medication Generation”. The anticipation of this album lead the band to the unleashing of the limited “Prehab 25mg-EP”, which will serve as a much needed wake up call to the masses. Prehab 25mg is the hard hitting precursor to “The Medication Generation”, a futuristic audio assault exploring the excess of self-medication and mass media saturation in present day society. This is a definitive soundtrack to a dystopian world view.

The band’s second proper full length album, “The Medication Generation” saw release in summer 2010. Musically, the band continued to mature, and the partnership for co-producing with Acumen Nation‘s Jamie Duffy saw the band’s song-writing and production improve. Since the release of “The Medication Generation”, Cyanotic has toured the United States multiple times in support of the release.

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