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The Damn Truth Album Review

Imagine Janis Joplin singing in Lynard Skynard, with Jimi Hendrix as the lead guitarist and you’ll understand the appeal of The Damn Truth’s new album Devilish Folk. Lead singer Lee-La Baum’s strong and clean vocals will transport you right back to the late 60s while the modernized psychedelic guitar sounds will carry you through the album and make you nostalgic for a time that most of us never actually lived through. If you ever wanted to pretend you were at Woodstock, this is the album to get lost in.

This album is packed solid with songs that will hang on in your mind for days, moving your body along to the music unknowingly. ‘Broken Blues’ deconstructs the usual concepts of traditional blues and morphs it into a mind trip about heartbreak and false hopes that hits a string we can all relate to. Along the same lines, the softer, yet still fiery, ‘The Match’ offers a smooth, anthem-like sing-a-long that is sure to be a favorite among live crowds. To cheekily hint at social issues, ‘Pirates & Politicians’ touches on the state of our political system, comparing politicians to pirates who pillage for money in order to support their causes, regardless of the repercussionThe Damn Truth Devilish Folks.


Lyrically, Devilish Folk is an album that we can all connect to in some form. If you’re looking at it for lyrical content, you will not be disappointed. Each song carries a message of some sort, ranging from heartbreak, fighting with lovers, and fighting with yourself. If the music is what you are interested in, this album has that too. Put this on in your car, in your headphones, or over your speakers and you will easily get lost in the way the guitars, drums, and vocals mix together. This album is a transformative collection of songs that allows each listener to extrapolate their own meanings and emotions to each song.

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  1. jon April 13, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    truly an AMAZING album!!
    cant believe these guys are not HUGE yet

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