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Defences ‘With Might and Main’ Album Review


English rockers Defences have created their own distinctive sound on their debut album, With Might and Main. Fusing metal and electronic into their own distinctive sound, the crunching guitars and steady drums aid the main vocals by front-woman Cherry Duesbury into a brutally epic journey. The album may have only released a few weeks ago, but the band has put out several videos for this album already, helping garner them recognition from some of the UK’s leading music publications.

The most recent video release was for ‘Let You In’, and the song is perfect to show off the contrast of the clean and screaming vocals against the heavy breakdowns we are used to in metal. Duesbury’s voice is smooth and rich; driving the message of the song in clearly while Calum Wilmot’s gritty screams brings in an angsty edge. The pre-bridge creates anticipation so that when the breakdown drops, you’re adrenaline kicks in. With the music running through your veins, you’ll connect to the lyrics about breaking down your inner walls while fighting your conscious to do so.

Two Steps Back’ is the lead single off the album with a video that sends a strong message about domestic abuse. The switch off in the chorus between vocalists creates the story of not backing down and getting back up when you’ve fallen. But I think one of the more impactful parts of this song is the showcase of guitarist Ian Harrington and bassist Alex Roberts in the bridge. In almost a ‘dueling guitars’ style, the metal influence comes out as the two shred on their guitars while drummer Kyle Parke keeps the beating moving.

Defences have successfully combined two seemingly opposite genres into one, emerging onto the music scene with a significant statement of musical accomplishment. With Might and Main maintains the heavier elements of metal music, distorted guitars, heavy breakdowns, and growling vocals, but adds a lighter side in with the electronic element, producing a heavy hitting yet melodic album from start to finish.

With Might and Main

Order With Might and Main

1. Re Emerge

2. The Takeoff

3. Two Steps Back

4. Grow

5. Let You In

6. Scared

7. Gravity

8. Oh Stranger

9. Losing Time

10. Beneath The Surface

11. Alleviate

12. Shanghai

13. Might And Main

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