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We Are Defiance Calling On Their Fans For Help

We Are  Defiance  Calling On Their Fans For Help



Tragic Hero Records’  We Are Defiance  suffered some major setbacks after a serious van accident last winter. The Ocala, FL-based band has been making do for the past year by loading their gear into their tiny van sans trailer, but they’re now counting on the help and generosity of their fans to help them.  


Please check out a video message here:


Below is a statement from the band:


Last winter our band was involved in a terrible van accident while on tour in  Kentucky. In result our vocalist Brian Calzini was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery. When we wrecked we completely totaled our van and trailer. We lost some minor equipment but the HUGE loss was our transportation. Through out the next few months we were able to save up and buy a used van. We were unable to afford a new trailer so for the past year we have been mot been able to bring lots of necessities on the road with us with out having a trailer. Most of our equipment we are can’t bring with us and it gives our band lots of restrictions. We are coming to you today in desperation asking for help. We are asking for $1,500 dollars to help us buy a used trailer. Anyone who donates to help us we will be rewarding you with gifts for being amazing awesome fans!”


If you wish to donate you can create a FREE profile over at and send your donation to[email protected].


Catch We Are Defiance on their  New Year To Fear  headline tour, along with support from This Romantic Tragedy, The Last Of Our Kind and Speaking The Kings.


Upcoming tour dates:


Feb 09                       The 7 Venue  Douglasville, GA                                                  

Feb 10                       Gallery 13  Event  Center  Columbus,  GA                                              

Feb 11                       The  Cypress  Venue  Metairie,  LA                                              

Feb 12                        Bikini  Beach  Houston,  TX                      

Feb 14                       TomCats  West Fort Worth,  TX                                                        

Feb 15                        Las Cruces  Event  Center  Las Cruces,  NM                                                            

Feb 16                       El Rey Theater  Albuquerque,  NM                                                                  

Feb 17                       Chain Reaction  Anaheim,  CA                                                      

Feb 18                        Rock  City  Studios  Camarillo,  CA  

Feb 19                       Grindhouse      Lompoc,  CA                       “˜

Feb 20                       Studio 21  Rocklin,  CA                                                          

Feb 21                       Mojo’s  Ogden,  UT                                                

Feb 23                       The Scenery  Wichita,  KS                                                

Feb  24                       Penny Road  Pub          Barrington,  IL                                                                  

Feb 25                       Frankie’s Inner City  Toledo,  OH       Tickets                                              

Feb 26                       The Smiling Moose  Pittsburgh,  PA                  

Feb 27                        Dingbatz  Clifton,  NJ                    

Feb 28                       Kingdom                Richmond,  VA                                                              

Feb  29                       Greene Street  Club  Greensboro,  NC                                                        

Mar 01                       Jimbo’s Rock Lounge                  Charleston,  SC                                      



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