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Denver Comic Con 2015 – View from a Noob

Boom! Pow! Shazam! These are the first words that came to mind as I drove around the Denver Convention Center looking for a place to park my ride. The line to get in went all the way around the building! So many people, so many costumes and so much geekiness in one place! Aside from the massive crush of people going through the doors I was surprised there weren’t any metal detectors, security pat downs and no one checking back packs and costume props. I’m not looking to make a discussion on this, was just unexpected that’s all.

So being a “first timer” I thought I’d share my experience with the Groovey.TV audience in list form! I love lists!

1. Parking – There are a few lots and garage’s close to the Convention Center,
but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny! Consider parking a bit further
away and walk. I parked at my work (duh it was free) and made the walk.

2. Bring cash, and lots of it! Some exhibitors take credit, but not all of
them. Not all parking facilities take plastic either.

3. Brings snacks and drinks unless you are made of money and don’t mind waiting
in extremely long lines. I popped into a convenience store on the way and
got a few things to sneak in. Hey a girl’s gotta save where she can!

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It’s Colorado, need I say more? And to the
ladies out there…If you are worried about waiting in long lines with all
that hydrating, don’t. I walked down to the meeting rooms and had zero
issues. I did see a steady line on the exhibit floor though.

5. No, I didn’t wear a costume, but I did have on my best Batman Belt, and
T-shirt with lots of super characters and my Batman Hoodie with Batman
Ears. Bummer I didn’t get to show it off, I spent the entire day with it
tied around my waist due to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. More on
that later.

6. Wear comfortable shoes! I walked more than 7 miles in one day. There was so
much I wanted to see and compare prices before finally pulling the trigger on
some awesome stuff!

7. Bring a camera – it’s amazing how many awesome costumes you will see.
Including one of my all time favorites! Halo Master Chief!

8. Get your hands on the schedule of appearances, films, workshops, panels, etc.
I had some hard decisions to make when it came to covering some of the panels
and speakers. I wanted to see everything, but there were a lot of cool
things scheduled at the same time.

9. Watch out for strollers! I almost died, more than once!

10. Celebrities – I found out it doesn’t cost a thing to get in line just to say
hi. They are more than willing to have some small talk with us.

11. Take time to people watch. I was sad to see how many people spent their
time staring at the tiny screens on their phones and tablets when there was
so much else to see. Including walking zombies, Batman, Captain America, a
larger version of Wonder Woman (I really want to meet this guy), some
furries, and a ton of celebrities.

I have to give props to the organizers of this hugely successful event! They had sections outside for anyone that was having issues with their passes. Each section handled a different issue. Inside the venue there were so many volunteers you couldn’t go too far without running into one. The lines were well organized, the digital boards let you know you were in the right place, and if you still weren’t sure there were plenty of those volunteers I just mentioned! Thank you Denver Comic Con, all of its sponsors, celebrities, exhibitors, volunteers and costumed guests for making my first Comic Con a memorable one!

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