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Denver Comic Con 2016 – Did you miss it?

Another Comic adventure has come and gone. Here are my highlights for all general stuff at the Denver Comic Con 2016.

As usual I noticed how extremely organized the ticketing to badge process was. Thankfully I arrived much later than the crowds and sailed right through. I had the pleasure of dragging along a few kids this time as well. The kids badges had a section on the back for the parents name and phone number should you get lost and your kid has to come find you. I was surprised and how many of the volunteers actually stopped me and asked to see the back of my kids badges to be sure it was filled out. Some people might find this annoying, but I took it for what it was. Concern over making sure parents and kids are reunited quickly. Makes good sense to me and I applaud you for taking on this challenge Denver Comic Con!!

Secondly there were a ton of people there! I say this because although I’ve not seen the actual numbers yet I do believe the Denver Comic Con continues to grow each year. This year the Convention Center had a lot more food places open and had massive ATM sections unlike last year when they had only a few standalone ATM machines. Nicely done folks! I never saw anyone waiting in line for the ATM and the lines for food went very quickly. It’s expensive to eat there, but I think everyone already knows this before heading out. The inexpensive option is to bring your own snacks and water. This is how I roll. With the kids along this year I felt it was the best option.

Now on to the good stuff. There were a lot of repeat exhibitors from years past. I was happy to see the guys from Valiant again. I made a point to pop over and pick up a few more comics. I can’t resist their stuff! As usual they were running a great deal at 6 for $30. I loaded up! From there I met the author of the Triorion Series, L. J. Hachmeister. I scored all four of her books and all three prints! I was her sell out customer and had my picture taken for a change. It’s ok to be jealous! I met some really great talent and each of them deserves some face time and I will be posting more as time goes on. The wheels move slowing for me when I’m reading and trying to line up interviews after having purchased so much good stuff!

I will be saving my pennies this year to score one of those awesome leather journals with the super soft pages. And the odl school Captain America leather hat with the goggles! My oldest wants the shield so he will be working hard to save his money as well. All in all it was a huge success!

Thank you for having me out again Denver Comic Con! You will see more posts soon!

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