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Denver Comic Con – Best Event of 2016!

Another take on the Con from a kids perspective.

by N.E.R.D.

The Denver Comic Con was one of the best events in 2016 (so far). It contained things from comics to Legos.

The top 3 things I thought were cool-

(1) The awesome Lego inventions made by the CoWLUG workers. I really liked the black tower from the Lord of the Rings, where they put the huge spider under the bridge and orks all over the build. Their inventions inspired me to build lots of things with my legoes.

(2) I also liked the Umbrella Corp people, they made an extremely cool place where they put a truck loaded with weapons, they also had cage with a “zombie”in it. And the cool thing about the cage is that they had paper bars on the back, the bottom of the paper was not attached to the cage so they could move the bars and put people in the cage with the zombie so people could take pictures.

(3) I really liked all the amazing costumes people had, like this guy had this Warcraft orc warrior costume. There was also a Harry Potter Death eater, and a cool Naruto guy, with white hair and one red eye (Kankei?) And of course, there were also the Umbrella Corp People.

The Comic Con was definitely was a great us of my time!

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