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DiNK – A Tweens View

Denver Independent Comic Expo

By: N.E.R.D (Nobody ever reads dead)

DiNK was a fun event. It was totally different than what I expected it to be. I was expecting more of a: Buy comics, and see people making comics, but it was even better! We got to see great authors and some were making comics too. There were lots of Comics and Books with lower prices just for this event. There were some great artist, and  some very good comics. I  liked seeing The Enigma, he is always fun!

There were some tables with “mini comics” and stickers.  I kept looking for the tables that had the free trading cards we were told to keep an eye out for.  I ended up finding all of them!

The main author I liked was Nate Powell, who illustrated the comic version of The Lost Hero. He has quite a few other comics too.  Swallow Me Whole, March, You Don’t Say, and Any Empire.

One of my favorite art places was Eslinger Art Gallery which had a lot of cool drawings.  And they had very, very good prices.

I really think that they should have DiNK in Denver again soon.  

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