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DINK Comic & Art Expo 2016 – Radness? Mmmmmmmm Could Be?

Not gonna lie.  I’m over-conned.  Not exactly conned-out but the “Here a con, there a con, everywhere a con con even your mom mom has a con con” is getting to my brain.  So even with the ridiculous pedigree behind the founders of DINK I was wary; even a doubter at times but the DINKers proved my doubts to be dumbasses on a major scale.  DINK was not just another con but a crazy different beast onto itself.  DINK was a gathering of like minded artists and fans with the single goal of supporting the artistic community as a whole and having as much durn fun as possible doing it.  It’s one thing to say your event is about the community but it’s another to see it executed with precision and heart.  If you missed the inaugural DINK I highly recommend you chisel next years into your calendar because it’s not just another con. It’s an important one.

Pics by Stu Kennedy of SKFunPhotos

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