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Doll Skin Interview: Vans Warped Tour 2018

The lovely ladies of Doll Skin have been rocking the music scene for awhile now.  As Warped Tour veterans, they’ve learned a thing or two about how to work a crowd.  We sat down with vocalist Sydney Dolezal, guitarist Alex Snowden, bassist Nicole Rich, and drummer Meghan Herring to talk about their upcoming music and the legacy of Warped Tour.

Groovey.TV: Doll Skin was on Warped Tour last year. How is it different this year?
Sydney: We feel a lot more comfortable this year. The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed. Last year was really hectic and we didn’t know better about putting our stuff on the semi. We wanted to bring all our backline so we did.

Alex: We really overworked ourselves last year. We came into this year and we knew what was going on and we were prepared.
Sydney: And nobody this you can tell how nobody wants to talk about how it’s the last year. You can tell everyone is avoiding that conversation.

GTV: Do you think that it’s different because it is the last year? Does everyone seem more amped up?
Sydney: I think people are trying to go out with a bang almost. They’re doing their best to go crazy everyday.

Nicole: Maybe not stuck in reminiscing I guess. It’s almost appreciation for the whole thing.
Alex: The fans at all the shows are way more excited. The shows have been packed and the fans are giving it their all even though its 100 degrees outside.
Meghan: The shows have been sold out too, which speaks volumes.

GTV: How do you think your band appeals to someone that’s just walking back and catches your show?
Sydney: We’re very colorful. What’s funny is that we’ll have some people come up to us and compliment us on our hair and I’ll tell them that I’m in a band on the tour and they start asking questions. The hair kind of starts the conversation.
Alex: I would say our stage presence too. We’re just jumping around having fun the whole time so we’ve had some people come up to us and tell us that we were so fun that they had to keep watching us.
Nicole: It’s kind of contagious.

GTV: What have you guys done in the year since your last Warped Tour run?
Sydney: A lot of touring. We’ve been writing, trying to figure out where we want to go from Manic Pixie Dream Girl. We want to figure out who we are as musicians and what kind of music we want to write.
Nicole: Just this year we started with a rock and roll cruise, then we did Europe. Now we’re on Warped and then we’re going back to Europe. Last year wasn’t as nuts.
Sydney: Last year was the first international stuff, which was really cool.

GTV: Do you guys feel like your crowd has been growing exponentially with each show you’ve played?
Alex: When you start singing ‘Daughter’ and people are actually singing back, that just feels like people are actually listening to us, not just showing up.
Nicole: It’s kind of hard to tell with crowds on Warped because some people show up just to show up. If we play at 11am or 8pm, the crowds are going to be way different. After Warped when we’re doing shows on our own we’re excited to see the growth of our crowds there.

GTV: You guys have been in the music industry for awhile now. What do you think the climate of women in the music industry has changed and how do you think that has helped your band?
Sydney: It’s been very different even in the last 5 years of us being in this industry in terms of being accepting and trying to include. I feel like we’re pushing out the people that aren’t and making room for people that are. Slowly but surely, it’s making a difference.
Nicole: People are listening more too. People are a lot more accepting. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.
Sydney: Our was talking to one of the photographers and he was telling me that they have conversations all the time about how to make the environment better for people.   He asked what it was like to be a women in the music industry to kind of get that perspective. I’m glad that people are educating themselves and talking about it.
Alex: I feel like we’re bringing a voice to women musicians. People always ask me what it’s like to be a girl in the music industry and Sydney said something that really made me rethink that question. At first it made me think that it was a cop out question but I think people just really don’t know what it’s like to be a girl in the music industry because there are so few. So I hope that maybe we’re helping to inform people and let them know what our experiences have been like so that they know what’s going on.
Sydney: I will ask that question at any given point. Everyone needs to hear that you can be a female in the music industry. You might face different things but you can and you should. I feel like us being here and having such a big role, especially in the Warped scene, in our stage and in our area, even though we are the only all-female band on the tour, we are trying to be as present as possible and not be scared or intimidated by the lack of females in the entertainment part of. But it is really empowering to see a lot of women working behind the scenes.

GTV: There was definitely a stronger presence of women on the entertainment side last year. What do you think the difference is?
Sydney: I don’t know really.
Nicole: I love Warped Tour and everything they do, but it just felt like they just dropped the ball with including women on this tour. There are 7 women playing this entire tour, and that’s not acceptable. They are doing a lot but at the same time they had a big opportunity to put women on this final run and they neglected to do that. So it was disappointing to see it as a fan first and see the lineup come out and realize we were the only all-girl band.

GTV: You mentioned that you are writing new music. Do you have anything you can tell us about it?
Sydney: We wanted to release early to mid next year.
Nicole: It really depends on our touring schedule though. Our manager has this grand idea that we can write and record all while never being home. At the stage we are at right now, touring is absolutely our priority.
Sydney: I think we’re also much more focused on taking our time with this music. We don’t feel as rushed to get new music out to have new music out. We want to let it sit. We have stuff that we want but we want to make sure that it will be something we want a year from now.
Alex: We want to make sure it’s who we want to be.
Nicole: I’d rather let it sit for half a year and release it and it’s amazing and perfect than to release it quick and want to suck it back in 3 months later.

GTV: Since the band tours so extensively, how do your Warped Tour sets differ from your other sets?
Meghan: They’re short. Only 25 minutes. But you get the best of Doll Skin in that.
Nicole: It’s kind of like that high intensity workout with shorts bursts of energy. It’s really intense and really fast.
Sydney: We try to have as much fun as we can within the time given. We really want to have a good time for the fans and show them who we are.

GTV: Other than new music, do you guys have any plans for the future that you can let us in on?
Meghan: We’re going to Europe with Creeper. Then we’re playing a festival in Greece. Hopefully some writing.
Alex: We have offers on the table but nothing is set in stone yet. It’s all exciting stuff though.
Meghan: You’re just going to have to stay in touch with us on our social media to see what we’re up to.
Nicole: Also, we don’t really actually know what’s going on past Europe. [Laughs]
Alex: We have tentative plans. It’s all a mystery.

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