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Downfall 2012 ​is proud to announce that they are now signed up with 3Thirteen​ ​Entertianment Group.​ 
3THIRTEEN founded by Ryan Darnell, is the new standard for independent artists and the live entertainment industry.  The company’s capabilities include artist development, touring, festivals, talent buying, sponsorships, entertainment branding, and more, who take pride in their ability to play an integral role in their clients’ career growth with a long term commitment to sustainable success.
Downfall 2012 is a 3-piece alternative metal/active rock band from Houston, TX.  This trio of vocalists/musicians/percussionists have built a sound and stage show that leaves each city it ventures to with a lasting impression of just how diverse a rock concert can be.  
The band prides itself on their value of a production with entertainment and the ability to appeal to future fans who otherwise may never indulge in such a genre, while still holding on to those aggressive music enthusiasts in the front row of each show.
Randy Darnell states that after seeing these guys kill it at SXSW it was a no brainer.  D​ownfall ​2012 is a band not to miss. Absolutely killer live show..​ 
For booking and information visit: 

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