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Edguy’s “Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown” Album Review

EdguyEdguyEdguyWhen Heavy Metal was pronounced dead in the early nineties, a bunch of German kids set out to fight all odds, and 22 years later today, April 29, 2014, Edguy has released their tenth album, “Space Police – Defenders of the Crown” on Nuclear Blast. Ten heavy metal-driven songs span the length of “Space Police – Defenders of the Crown”, all with heavy guitar riffs and melodic lyrics, reminiscent of the early 90’s heavy metal scene.

With Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Helloween influences, you can hear the old heavy metal style come out within Edguy’s own unique sound. “Sabre & Torch” opens the album with a heavy onslaught of metal, full of heavy guitar riffs. “Space Police” carries on the heavy metal, but with less heavy guitar riffs and some trippy space noises. “Defenders of the Crown” keeps the heavy metal drum beat, but vocals become more melodic.

“Love Tyger” begins with some heavy cat purring, and then turns up the metal with more melodies than previously heard with Edguy. It is more reminiscent of 80’s hair band beats. “The Realms of Baba Yoga” scream with fast and heavy guitar riffs, showcasing the nimble finger action of Jens Ludwig and Dirk Sauer. Then out of nowhere, Edguy’s own power metal version of Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus” blasts the album.

“Do Me Like a Caveman” is edgier and less melodic than “Love Tyger”, but not as heavy as the previous sounds like “Sabre & Torch” or “Defenders of the Crown”. “Shadow Eaters” carries that sound, with a dose of piano in the middle that rises to hard and heavy metal with sliding riffs.  “Alone in Myself” slows the pace quite a bit; definitely the slowest beat of the album. “The Eternal Wayfarer” carries the pace of the previous song, but with an edgier sound.

For Edguy fans, or soon-to-be, or anyone that wants to relish in some old school heavy metal, “Space Police – Defenders of the Crown” is a good listen. There is heavy guitar riffs, fast drum beats, climbing melodic vocals, and all-around 80’s and 90’s style metal sounds.


“Space Police – Defenders of the Crown” track listing:

01. Sabre & Torch
02. Space Police
03. Defenders Of The Crown
04. Love Tyger
05. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
06. Rock Me Amadeus
07. Do Me Like A Caveman
08. Shadow Eaters
09. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer



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