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(Rules of The Gauntlet: The artist (in this case, Synthpop Artist EVA X) is sent a butt ton of questions ranging from standard to stupid from which they must choose at least 12 to answer and return them to us with a minimum of tear stains).

Tell me why your music rules. Or why it sucks.

My music is like 80s synthwave and minimal synth had a baby, and that baby can sing really, really well.

Tell me about your new album.  The writing, vibe,production/producers, etc.

So! Electrowoman is the first release that I wrote and performed all by myself from start to finish. All of the lyrics and music you hear was spawned into being by yours truly. I had been in other projects as a musician and lyricist, but I had never been sole songwriter until now. I also took over most of the production, but I brought on a couple good friends to help finish beating all the songs into shape, and supply a couple remixes.

I started with about seven ideas/mostly completed songs that ranged thematically from sad songs about breakups to meditations on online dating, creativity, burnout, etc. I ended up whittling it down to three songs that made the final cut, and I’m really happy to have ended up with a pretty diverse set of tunes both in terms of the music and of the subject matter.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on a couple of collaborations with other artists. My first full-length album is sort of started (read: everything good that did not make it onto Electrowoman has been identified) and I’ll be settling in to work on that early in the new year.

Why do you make your style of music? Why not polka? or Japanese symphonic folk metal ? or..?

Two main reasons. One, I enjoy dancing. Two, I really like synthesizers. Synthpop was a natural choice.

How often do you work on your music?

It depends. I do have a day job (shockingly, making niche electronic music doesn’t pay my bills… yet) and sometimes that gets busy. I try to do something at least four or five days a week, even if it’s small.

What is an extravaganza? And why is having an extra vaganza so special?

I watch a LOT of RuPaul’s Drag Race, so I’m pretty sure an extravaganza (or an ELEGANZA EXTRAVAGANZAAAAA) is a spectacularly over-the-top fashion moment. I’m also really into goth fashion, so any time I get to dress up and rock ballgowns, crowns, or (once) an actual headdress from real antlers, I’m all for it.

Do you have names for your instruments? If so what are they?

Generally, no, although my Push 2 is known affectionately as the Cat Perch. My Minilogue is also referred to by a number of names, but most of them aren’t printable.

How long could you live without money?

Like a week? I’m painfully unhandy and bad at bartering.

What was the last song you listened to before this interview?

Venus by Lady Gaga. I’m absolutely digging her vocal production and performance on Artpop right now.

What’s the most embarrassing band you listen to?

I used to be into J-Rock, so I have no shame. I’m pretty sure I still have a Gackt concert DVD around somewhere.

Any tours planned?

Nothing firm yet, but I’m working on some Western Canadian dates for early 2020. Watch my Facebook and Instagram for details!

Stella or Guinness? Why?

Guinness! I’m a stouts woman through and through – when it comes to beer, the darker the better is my philosophy. I’m also a quarter Irish, so there’s a little bit of cultural pride going into this choice.

Where do your song names come from?

Usually they’re based on my song lyrics. I’m not creative at all in that department.

There’s a good chance you will look back and be embarrassed by your current hairstyle.  Discuss.

On the one hand, I have blue and purple hair, so I’m assuming at some point that will no longer look good on me. On the other hand, I once had a super short hairstyle that was nicknamed the Commander Shepard. Seriously- if you’ve played Mass Effect, I pretty much had FemShep’s hair for a couple of years. I was terrible at maintaining it and it ended up growing into this bastardized red bowl cut. So really, my current hair can’t end up worse.

What master musicians would you like to study with?

I’m gonna cheat and break this out by disciplines:
Production: Lady Gaga and Peter Tägtgren (producer of Hypocrisy, PAIN, Lindemann, and a load of other metal acts) Vocals: Floor Jansen of Nightwish, Guitar: Jack White       

How many unarmed but very angry 4 year olds would it take to kick your ass?

I bet I’d be good for at least six or seven before things got bad for me.

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