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Extreme Sports Storylines to watch out for in 2017

The action sports industry has been growing steadily for quite a few decades now. In the 80s and 90s, it was unclear if many of these sports would just phase out as a fad. However, its not just traditional sports athletes making millions anymore. There are now extreme sports that are offering athletes handsome salaries (some more than Capitals hockey players) and growth in the industry.

With the creation of traveling stadium-based events like Street League, Dew Tour, and Nitro Circus, large corporate sponsors are seeing the potential in sponsoring events that will give them exposure to a very targeted demographic. Extreme athletes are now able to take advantage of six-figure competition purses and potential seven-figure salaries. Who would have ever thought you could sign a million dollar contract for riding a scooter? Well, that is just what professional scooter rider Ryan Williams has done with his Nitro Circus appearances. 2017 is gearing up to be a very successful year for the extreme sports industry.

James Threlfall to Host New Six-Part Skateboarding Show on AMC

When TV viewers think of the success of network AMC, Breaking Bad is usually the first show that comes to mind. AMC is venturing to make a six-part skateboarding show with James Threlfall as the host. This skateboarder is very excited about this new opportunity and says it might get him one step closer to being a part of the media coverage at the 2020 Olympics. This will be the first time that skateboarding will be a part of the Olympic Games. During the six-part skateboarding series, The Fall will travel to different countries around Europe and discover how local skaters have done their part to take skating to the next level. This show will be seen in 60 countries and will give skateboarding another shot of exposure to bring it even more into the mainstream media.

Street League Announces New Pro to Watch for in 2017

Street League has been an international stage for skaters to really gain the exposure and salary they deserve with their level of talent. When Street League announces a skater as a pro on their circuit, this is like the NBA draft. These new pros will be ones to watch in the coming year. When you look at the Street League Series Freshman Class of 2016, you will have a hard time telling them apart from the pros that have been on the series for years. Watching these skaters progress in 2017 will be very exciting to do now that they have their first year under their belt.

Nitro Circus to Return to Utah in 2017

Travis Pastrana, the mastermind behind Nitro Circus, has recently stated that his extreme sports stadium show will be returning to Utah in 2017. Salt Lake City set the stage for the 2016 Nitro Circus World Games. Pastrana commented on Salt Lake City being one of the cities where they know the athletes will get a good crowd reaction. The market in Utah is prime for extreme sports due to the outdoor culture that is partially due to the amount of ski resorts and perfect terrain for motocross and other similar sports.

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