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Filmspeed – Cold As Ice Official Phone Video (Foreigner Studio Cover)

Cold As Ice Official Phone Video (Foreigner Studio Cover)

What happens when a band and their creative group of friends gather around on a Friday night and they suddenly get bored? They shoot a music video with their iPhones, obviously!

Well, this is not really your typical Friday night after practice gather around situation, however Awfully Good Records trio Filmspeed decided to surprise their fans with something different this time. Below, you have all the proof you need that creativity strike anytime anywhere and you don’t actually need much to do what it needs to be done.

Watch Filmspeed perform a perfectly executed cover of Foreigner Studio’s mega hit single “Cold As Ice” while providing a hilarious set of visuals to go with the song as well. Hit play!

“Filmed on #iPhones by a group of amateur film makers and professional #drinkers. We bring you “Cold As Ice!”

Many thanks to our closest friends, pieced together by #SeanDuffy, villain played by Shawny Pants. Studio recording by the most crucial Lizzy Erickson for #ManifestMusic”

You can follow Filmspeed on Facebook and on IG Also, you can stream “Hexadecimal” (Filmespeed’s latest studio effort) on iTunes and Spotify. Enjoy!

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