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Final Boss Mixes Video Games & EDM To Be The Hero You Need

EDM has been around for decades, ever-evolving with the tides of technology.  Through the rise and fall, Denver’s Final Boss has leveled up in the electronic scene with his gamer-inspired style and nostalgic equipment that will give your inner (or fully-embraced) nerd extra lives.  With a recent rebrand and the addition of live instruments, Final Boss is ready to take the electronic world by storm. Groovey.TV chatted with the artist, who is preparing for his Club Cosplay: Unofficial Denver Comic-Con after party at Summit Music Hall on June 30th to tell us a little about himself and how this hero came to be.

Groovey.TV: How did you get into music? What inspired you to start performing?
Final Boss: I got into music at the age of 5 on piano. I had a very musical family; it was always fun. I was inspired to start performing after seeing recordings of Freddy Mercury on VHS with Queen. I kept thinking, ‘I want to do that! I want to make people feel like that!’

GTV: What drew you to electronic music?
FB: I remember seeing an underground DnB show with Evil Intent in 2006 and thinking, ‘Wow, this is something I can totally relate to.  I would love to learn more about this’. Being a gamer naturally got me interested too; I’ve always wanted to know how to make SFX and soundscapes.

GTV: How did Final Boss become a living, breathing EDM monster?
FB: One night, I was sitting in my basement playing some NES classic titles and picked up my Powerglove. I was immediately hit with nostalgia and positive thoughts of the past and thought, “WOW. How can I inspire people to feel the same way about the past as I do? Through nostalgic symbols! I need to use this in my music and mixing.”

GTV: Final Boss recently went through a rebranding phase.  Tell us a little more about that.
FB: I wanted to bridge the gap between a musical act and a stage play to make an entertaining hybrid. I wanted people to be able to see this character literally level up and learn like any other hero type. In this way, you can watch a computer nerd become the hero the world never knew it needed and defeat ‘Final Boss’.

GTV: What was the inspiration behind the rebranding?
FB: 1980’s Arcades and retro computing are a huge pass time of mine and I found much inspiration in this. Also the character Hackerman from “Kung Fury” really inspired this.

GTV: There is a perceptive sound change since the rebranding.  Are you using different equipment to achieve this?
FB: Yes, absolutely! Ever since the rebranding I’ve been focused on many more live instruments like saxophone, trumpet, and vintage synths to achieve a retro vibe. Overall the tonality is more complex and soulful.

GTV: What was the motivation behind adding instruments into electronic music?
FB: For years local producers and DJs who personally know me asked “Where is the sax, man?” I’ve been playing the saxophone for years and it just seemed like a natural addition at this point. Also, Grizz is a massive inspiration for me in the scene.

GTV: You’ve been in the EDM scene for a while now.  What was the hardest part about breaking into that scene?  What are the challenges you still face?
FB: The hardest part about breaking into any scene, I believe, is finding your sound. You can be the best DJ in the world but if you don’t sound unique you’ll be buried. The largest challenge in this scene is to find your audience and grow them. It’s a lot of work every day to market and meet new people.

GTV: You’re playing at the unofficial Denver Comic Con after party for Club Cosplay at Summit Music Hall.  How did cosplay become a part of your fanbase?
FB: I’ve been attending conventions since I was in high school and found that this is something I love! Self-expression is a huge part of who I am and I can’t imagine a world where someone could not use a costume to do just that! Whether you’re a super hero or villain, I want everyone to feel welcome at every show I play!

GTV: What can we expect at this show that we haven’t seen before?
FB: I have a brand new song and music video premiering at this show. I also have this particular show titled “Final Boss – Episode 1” and you’re going to meet a new character in my hero’s journey! It’s going to be a RIOT. Get ready for tons of dancing and saxophone POWER.

GTV: What advice do you have for young musicians or EDM artists?
FB: I believe you need to learn the basics of producing as soon as you can; even simple song edits go a long way. Also, nothing can top being a nice person. Always treat people with respect and you’ll get it back.

GTV: Any future plans or shows that we can look forward?
FB: Club Cosplay is going to be a massive show this next week and I have more shows coming this year as well! Looking forward to a Zombie themed event this fall and for Global Dance Festival this summer; I should be on the Silent Disco! Also, more originals coming your way soon! Feel free to follow along with the wild adventure this year on my social links! 🙂

Club Cosplay

See Final Boss on June 30th at Summit Music Hall

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