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My First Time at the Denver Comic Con!

(By RC) The Denver Comic Con is a unique experience no one (especially nerds) should miss. From comics and books to toy vendors and computer designers. Who would’ve expected professional NASA scientists to explain in detail what a superhero from one of our neighbor planets would be like?  Not me!  I admit most merchandise was expensive, but most of it was also worth the cash. An iron Captain America shield caught my attention. Sadly, my pockets weren’t deep enough to afford it. The costumes I saw went from amazing to amazingly amazing! Next year I will dress up and show my costume off just like all those costumed people.

If you’re a star wars fan, then the various moving, talking R2-D2s would have been intriguing. If security is a concern, then be at ease. Staff and volunteers at every entrance and around every corner make it easy to find your way around. I only went one of the days, and I didn’t miss much. So three day passes are not necessary if you just want to look at the merchandise in the main exhibit hall and don’t want to hit the panels and other various things going on. Overall, The Denver Comic Con is an unforgettable experience no one should miss!

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