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Meli February 10, 2013 Flicks, Grooveyness 1 Comment on Flight

By Meli

First let me say…holy shit!!!   Whether this is your kind of movie or not you have to watch the first 25 minutes!   I promise you won’t be disappointed!   I felt anxious and a little creeped out watching it, like it was actually happening to me.   I don’t think I blinked until the flight scenes were over, whew!   Denzel, yes we are on a first name basis, Denzel was the epitome of grace under pressure as Captain Whip Whitaker.   To some he was hailed as a hero, but to others he’s a drunken, drugged out mess.

No surprise the movie really starts to fall apart after the crash.   I think they blew their wad on the crash sequence and weren’t sure what to do with the rest of the movie.   It was a total let down after such an amazing opening.   Maybe they didn’t think this through.   I mean I get there needs to be a trial and someone to take the fall and all of that, but why toss a junkie in the mix?   I’m really not sure what she has to do with anything, other then someone else to watch the downfall of the heroic pilot.

For most of the movie Whitaker is torn between his career and doing what is right and admitting who drank the vodka on the flight that morning.   Does he take the fall or pin it on the dead stewardess who was also his lover.   As the movie continues there are plenty of scenes where Denzel just drinks and drinks.   It really made me want to match him beer for beer, but if I did I probably wouldn’t be here to write this review.   The only breath of fresh air in the rest of the movie was John Goodman.   He plays Whitaker’s drug dealer Harling Mays.   I don’t care who you are John Goodman rocks!   I’ve loved him since back in the day when Roseanne was the best sit com out there.   You can’t go wrong with this guy.   One other notable cast member is Don Cheadle.   He plays Whitaker’s somewhat sniveling lawyer.   Not a big departure from some of his other roles, but he did a great job as well.

Aside from the opening sequence I found this movie to be depressing and slow.   And although Denzel Washington did a bang up job in the movie I don’t feel it’s worthy of a best actor nomination.   Of course I don’t agree with a lot of the nominations for best movie either.   I just pay to see movies, pig out on popcorn and write silly reviews.   As a consumer what the hell do I know?

I give this movie 2 out of 5 Jell-O shots.   I’d have given it more, but as my wife said It’s Denzel you can’t give him more then that” she has a point.

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  1. Lesly March 18, 2014 at 1:32 am

    With this being a return to live atcoin for Zemeckis, an early November release date where it faces little competition, and with Paramount having a lack of contenders this year, sight unseen, I think this has as much of a chance against anything else we speculate about, sight unseen. (And trailer footage doesn’t count.) The film is likely to be more Sydney Pollack-esque. It reminds me of Contact I think it’ll be talkie/just follow the character, more than big scenes.’ That plane crash sequence I’m sure is just a few minutes of the film, leaving a lot of room for character drama, I’d bet. Which, is right up my alley.

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