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Circus Emporium Freakeasy Sunday May 10

The Audience Roars With Wonder While Enjoying Strange Treats At 3 Kings Tavern,


May 10, At 8PM!

Magic, electricity, self-mutilation and the strangest food ever concocted all have what in

common? It’s the Circus Emporium Freakeasy, of course, at Denver’s very own 3 Kings Tavern

at 60 S. Broadway, 8pm, Sunday May 10. Hosted by the one and only Shea FreeLove, this

month’s show features the jaw-dropping feats of Faded Freakshow, daring stunts from Shea

FreeLove and Ginger Snap, enticing performance art by Master Rex, and mind boggling tricks

from magician Saia Marz. This red carpet monthly event brings forth the history, tradition, and

artistic circus and sideshow stylings that have intrigued generations of people the world over.

“We are taking the remaining ghost of P.T. Barnum here in Denver and creating a new hub for

the circus, the strange, the bizarre, and the unusual.”, quips Circus Emporium’s owner Shea

FreeLove, “We take Coney Island New York and Venice Beach California and give it modern

bold strokes, prizes, and a gameshow mentality, to keep the audience engaged!”.

Shea Freelove is the man who single handedly became the sole inheritor of Bobby Reynolds’

traveling freak-show exhibits, banners, and history, while at the same time becoming an

ambassador to the public at large for a plethora of human marvels and natural born wonders

across the nation.

“There are a lot of circus and sideshow performers out there and they need a place to express

themselves,” Shea mentions. The Circus Emporium Cabaret has local artists presenting art for

sale, local chefs creating the most unusual foods, local comedians, jugglers and magicians. This

event has something for everyone.

Tickets are $5 at the door.

Outrageous cuisine $5

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Contact Shea Freelove at [email protected] for further details.



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