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Gaming a Focal Point at Denver Comic Con

DCC’s “Hall of Games” to Feature Interactive Gaming for Fans, Video Game Education for Aspiring Developers

DENVER – May 20, 2014 – Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference (DCC), a program of Comic Book Classroom (CBC) designed to help promote literacy through pop culture, will feature dozens of hours of educational panel sessions for professional and aspiring game developers. The Con’s “Hall of Games” features cutting edge work from leading video game developers and interactive tournament and single-game play of all types such as video games, table-top and role playing games as well as “Vector Lounge,” a casual gaming area with classic arcade games, music and events.

“Gaming is a huge part of geek culture; many of us spent countless hours adventuring through a D&D module or conquering the world in Risk,” said CBC chairman and DCC director of programming Bruce MacIntosh. “Video games have taken that kind of passion for gaming into the mainstream of pop culture. At DCC we’re providing both the fun and excitement of playing games as wells as helping attendees explore what it means to turn that passion into a profession.”

DCC is bringing more than 20 local and national video game developers to the Con in 2014. These industry professionals will participate in educational programming for aspiring developers. Panels include, but are not limited to:

·         Getting Into the Games Industry

·         Indie Game Development – Facts and Fiction

·         Building a Videogame in Unity3D

·         Kickstarting Your Game

·         I Have a Great Idea for an App — What Now?

·         I Want to Make Games – Is School Right for Me?

In addition to participation in the panels, the developers are showcasing their mobile, PC and console work in the Hall of Games.

“Video games have always shaped pop culture—and that’s true today more than ever,” said Sarah Vincent from Bolder Games. “Video games influence our lives, and the developers in the Hall of Games are passionate artists affecting this change.”

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About Denver Comic Con

Entering its third year, the Denver Comic Con (DCC) is Denver’s premiere pop-culture fan experience, covering the worlds of comic books, film, and related media. It is also an extension of and an awareness builder for its parent organization, Comic Book Classroom. For the latest news and information, visit

About Comic Book Classroom

Comic Book Classroom (CBC) is a charitable organization that educates through alternative approaches to literacy, learning, and character development. CBC creates programs for underserved students, schools and communities via comic books, graphic novels, and related media. CBC is the organizer and producer for the DCC.


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