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GENeration Frontlines Hits Denver’s Mutiny Information Café For a Day of Music and Charity

In partnership with Stronghold Society, Mutiny Information Cafe and Groovey.TV we are launching a new concert/performance series called GENeration: Frontlines to help the Stronghold Society to continue to build safe spaces for Native American youth through their WK4-Directions Skateparks program… with the vision of building one on the Standing Rock REZ, as was completed on the Pine Ridge REZ. Saturday March 11 is our first concert/performance series with Groovey.TV at Mutiny Cafe to benefit the Stronghold Society vision.

The Dakota Pipeline has been a topic of controversial conversation within the last few months, with hundreds of thousands showing their support, both through demonstrations and protests as well as online words of encouragement.   Though the Pipeline controversy is not out of sight, did you know that the youth of Standing Rock are wary of leaving the reservation for fear of safety?

Standing Rock’s younger generation (18 and under) do not have the sources within their community to build safe-spaces that provide these children and young adults a place to commune together, share in common interests, develop community ties and life skills while growing together. Stronghold Society, in conjunction with Groovey TV and Mutiny Information Café, have created GENeration Frontlines, an on-going concert series to help bridge the gap in these communities.

GENeration Frontlines’ first inaugural show will be held at Mutiny Information Café (2 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209) on March 11th and will feature local Denver bands such as Battle Pussy, Naked on a Mountain, Palehorse/Palerider, GUTS, and many more. Doors open at 12pm with a $5 suggested donation; bands will play every hour starting at 1pm till 11pm. 100% of the proceeds from this benefit will be donated to Stronghold Society’s WK4-Directions Skateparks Program.


Stronghold Society’s WK4-Directions Skateparks program have a pretty impressive track record, building dozens of skate parks on these sacred lands for the betterment of youth life. One of their recent projects included building a skate park on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Manderson, South Dakota. On top of building skate parks, they also provide online programs and support through their website.

Make sure you don’t miss any news about this event by RSVP’ing to the GENeration Frontlines event page on Facebook.

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