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Get To Know: False Report. Denver’s Ernie Ball Stage Winner

Denver’s own False Report are the lucky winners of the 2017 Ernie Ball Play Competition, winning a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage at the Denver, CO stop on the Vans Warped Tour.  You may have seen them opening for some of your favorite bands around town, or maybe you already know all about them! Groovey.TV caught up with False Report’s Alan Andrews to learn more about the band and how they’re preparing for the big show. 

Groovey.TV: Congrats on your Ernie Ball Stage winning!  What does it mean to you to win this opportunity?
Alan Andrews: Hey thanks! We’re just thankful for the opportunity and feel lucky. You never plan to win something like this! You just put your music out there, play your shows, and try to get people into it. Hopefully people get what you’re doing and it means something to them.

GTV: How long have you been a band?  How did all the members meet and decide to start the band?
AA: We’ve been a band for about a year and a half. We had all played in different bands playing varied styles of music and known each other from around town. Three of us were working in a pizza place together and had this idea for an indie/pop/punk band, which was a different type of band than we’d all previously been in.

GTV: False Report has gained significant ground since the band started.  What steps did you take to get to where you are now?
AA: That’s nice of you to say! We have always had the mindset of, “lets write good songs and play with good bands”. We try to play frequently, most often with smaller touring bands that we think have a sound similar to ours. We have also had a handful of opportunities to play with bigger touring and local bands. We just try to always have new things in the works.

GTV: You released your album Collapse a couple months ago.  Aside from winning the Ernie Ball competition, what have been some of the biggest moments or opportunities that have presented themselves since the release?                
AA: Not a ton, to be honest. A lot of cool people have said they like it, we have received a couple cool reviews, and we were able to open for some cool bands.  This is definitely the first time we’ve gotten any kind of recognition on this kind of level. But we certainly have been hard at work songwriting and playing for anyone we can!

GTV: You had released Same Mistakes about a yearly previously.  What were the biggest changes you made between the two albums?
AA: We’re still growing as a band. Up to this point we’ve just been trying to build a fanbase and make new friends. I think we unintentionally were more poignant with the newer songs as far as parts go, or more dramatic. We just wanted to create more levels to our songs.

GTV: Do you have a pre-show ritual or a lucky item you wear on stage with you?
AA: My favorite thing about this band is that we kind of do things on the fly. We write setlists moments before we go on, songs if they are going to happen, happen right away or we move on to something else.  We totally base everything on feel. My only thing about shows is I try to suggest to my band members not to wear other bands shirts on stage, but that still happens. We’re just ourselves.

GTV: What advice would you give to other bands that are trying to break into the music scene?
AA: Do what feels right and play a lot; it’s going to take time. There are a lot of bands out there, be cool with everybody. Don’t expect anything to happen. Just do your own thing and put yourself out there.

GTV: What can we look forward to at your Warped performance?
AA: We’re just going to give it our all and be honest.

GTV: How are you preparing for such a big show?
AA: I think we’ve been preparing for something like this from day one.  Not expecting it, just hoping for it.   We figured if we worked hard, someone would notice. We’ve been playing our hearts out and hoping for our chance and doing everything we can to get a shot like this.

GTV: If anything more could come from your Warped performance, what would be your best hopes?
AA: Hopefully we will get to do more shows like this in the future.  Maybe there are people out there looking for new bands to play with and mean something, just like us.

GTV: What can we look forward to from False Report in the near future?
AA: New music! We’re heading into the studio in August to record 5 songs, and then we’re playing a few other local festivals this summer.



Catch False Report on June 25, 2017 at the Vans Warped Tour

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