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Groovey.TV’s Favorite Visual Artists of 2012


As a photographer, I spend a lot of time looking at the work of other artists. These are the artists that have most captured my attention in 2012. When I look at their work, I am compelled to wonder what went into making the final product. How did they find that location, where the hell is it? How far did he have to hike to catch that light at just the right time? How much patience did it take to wait for all of those elements to fall perfectly in line? How many times did she move the subject to get that specific angle? Take a look at their work, decide for yourself, but I think these are the best of 2012.

– Matthew Zinke of Matthewknowsphotos


Ray Bailey – Videographer/Animator



“How did he do that?” is the question I ask myself when watching his work.

Ray’s creativity and talent compel people to keep watching.



Liam Fredrick – Architectural Photography


Master of Angles and lines, Liam has a way of making your

eyes dance all over the photo.



Casey McCallister – Landscape Photography


There are few that understand natural light like Casey.

He travels the road least traveled to show us all of

natures gems. Check out his site for more awesome photos.



Jason Paul Roberts – Photojournalist


It takes guts, honesty and integrity to capture real life as

Jason Paul Roberts does. Telling the stories of places and

people, some who are at their most vulnerable moments,

without being intrusive or insensitive to the situation.



Josh Lowe – Event/Concert Photography


Dealing with uncontrollable light or lack there of and moving

subject makes concert photography one of the hardest forms

of photography. Josh nails his lighting and angles every time.



Shelia Broderick – Portrait Photography


Shelia has a way of catching the drama and emotion

in her portraits. She takes striking, timeless photos.





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