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GWAR Interview: Vans Warped Tour Denver 2017

Intergalactic rockers GWAR are gracing the peasants of planet Earth with their presence this Summer on the Vans Warped Tour.  We chatted with Pustulus Maximus, Balsac The Jaws of Death, and Sawborg Destructo about their recently announced new album at the Denver, CO stop of the tour.

Groovey.TV: GWAR announced last week that they would be releasing a new album titled The Blood Of Gods this fall. Do you have any more specific timing on its release date?
Pustulus Maximus: Fall-ish.
Balsac the Jaws of Death: We’ll be going on tour as soon as it comes out. So we’ll be sitting at home with our guitars in our hands waiting for the album to drop, same day.
PM: The best part of being in a band like this is we don’t even have to book a show, we just show up. If someone is there we just kick them out of the way.
BJD: Who’s going to say no to us?
PM: A lot of people, but they all perished.

GTV: Tell us a bit about the new album. Where and when was it recorded? Who did you work with
Ronan Murphy, he looks like Jesus Christ.
Sawborg Destructo:
I thought that was Jesus…
I don’t remember doing a whole lot of it but it was inspired by the trials and tribulations of the past few years. The whole world went to war against us.
We’ve had a really rough few years. It wasn’t mentioned in the news at all that the world was against us. Everybody was paying attention to the stupid American President and they overlooked the entire World War III, where all humans banded together and tried to get back at and rid of GWAR. It didn’t even make the papers, not even the third page.

GTV: Will you be playing songs off The Blood of Gods all summer on the Warped Tour?PM: We’re playing one, one new song.
BJD: And then we’re playing a very old song that isn’t even ours.

GTV: This will be your first album with Blothar on vocals. What was it like to hear a new singer on the songs?
BJD: You’re talking about Blothar, don’t even get us talking about Blothar. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but he’s a bit of a jerk.
PM: We spent $500-$600 recording the record and $25,000 in catering just for him.

GTV: GWAR released a comic book recently titled ‘Orgasmageddon’. What made the band want to join the comic book world?
BJD: We realized with the way things are going in the United States that no one is going to be able to read in the next…two years? The entire population of the world will be illiterate, so we had to start doing picture books.

GTV: Now that you’re venturing into the comic book realm, do you ever or would you ever consider doing panels or signings at comic cons?
BJD: Our first album that was released on the planet Earth actually had a comic book insert in it, so GWAR and comics are not strangers. We have done San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con.
PM: I learned how to be a drifter at the Khan-Con. They asked me back this year, I learned the first time, now I get to teach.

GTV: The band went through a rough time the last few years with band members. How did you the band cope? Was it easier to have the fanbase around you during those times?
BJD: It’s always nice to have snacks around when your depressed, so having fans around is nice. I ate a lot, I know it showed.
SD: You eat when you’re depressed, right? Those fans are pretty fattening.
BJD: I think we just have some high-cholesterol fans in heavy metal in general.

GTV: How did the GWAR-B-Q begin? Will there be one this year?
BJD: We’re taking this year off because we’re out hear on Warped Tour, kind of taking the show on the road. Taking all that heat and the abysmal conditions of the GWAR-B-G and bringing it all over the country. It started as a private party that we threw for ourselves. Eventually word got out there and the fans started sneaking in. We figured out a way to charge them money to come in and become our food. I think it costs $50 to get thrown on the grate at the GWAR-B-Q.

GTV: Beefcake posted a video to the band’s Facebook page addressing the Kathy Griffin controversy. Why do you think that the bands that were ahead of the game on these bits get overlooked and others get the blame for it?
BJD: She accepted the blame.
SD: She should’ve held her guns and said fuck you.
PM: We’ve been raping, pillaging, molesting, and murdering for 30 years, that people know of, and we would never apologize for anything.
BJD: We don’t care. As soon as you say sorry, that’s when you have screwed up.
PM: We’ve killed every American president since Reagan. Now all these celebrities are getting in trouble for it; it’s just crazy. I think they get blamed because idiots like easy targets. Kathy Griffin is on CNN, it would hurt her feelings if you go after her. If you go after a band like GWAR or Municipal Waste, they’re not ashamed of that.
BJD: Secret service has been investigating us as long as we’ve been around.

GTV: You’ll be out on the Warped Tour all summer long and then have the album coming out in the fall. Does the band have any tours in the fall or spring to support the release of the album?
SD: There’s a couple of planets that we’re going to blow up; you wouldn’t know about them.



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