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History Of The Eagles DVD Review

Eagles DVD

(By Liat) I was born in the 80’s, this was the period when the band decided to split, so the name “the Eagles” only comes to mind in connection with one of their MOST famous hits Hotel California. I consider myself as an open minded person, listening and getting to know new music genres or artists.

Watching the DVD “History of The Eagles” opened a door for me to the journey of how “The Eagles” were formed till how the world perceives them now.

Few words popped in my head while watching the DVD: Honesty, simplicity and down to earth. The story behind the scenes, their relationship showed me how the Eagles band members became best friends and created lifetime music for all ages.  I felt as they shared their memories and goals they had throughout their huge career. It isn’t all about music that we as viewers are exposed to in the DVD, but also to the successes and struggles they have been through all of those years.

The opportunity to get to watch and listen what each current and former band member of Eagles had to share about what is to be an eagle and the impact it had on their life made the experience of watching the DVD as some kind of permission to have a peek into their private personal life and (as I mentioned before) memories.

Almost every band has their dramas and apparently so has the eagles and their band members. They have changed few members in the course of their career and we get a glimpse of those who are no longer a part of the band, which gives us the viewers, another point of view on the band.

The first part of the DVD helps to get to know the band on the first great part of their success and the story of creating and ending the concept called The Eagles. The band started their journey back in the 70’s which I think that was a cool, fun era and yet full of historic events which the band stood strong through out them. I think that both fans and non-fans will enjoy getting to know the legend and how it was created.

The Second part deals with the notion of the “after-life” of some of the band members after the “break-up”. It shows how each member made it in his own way and how they coped with it. Yet I think the great part was the reunion. Knowing that people still care and love their music.  If you asked me I would say that the story of the reunion is interesting as the story of how the Eagles were formed.

I have to say as the name of the DVD History of The Eagles, indeed shows that they are an inseparable part of the world wide music and a part of a great History of the rock ‘n Roll genre.

It was a pleasure for me to get to know The Eagles: Glen Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy.B.Schmit (they are current members and also as well as the former ones) and their influence on people.

I allow myself to quote Don Henley quoting Mick Jagger: “It’s only Rock ‘n Roll, but I like it”. So I will say not only I really like the Eagles’ music now and I also say it proudly that I became an Eagles fan today.

Eagles DVD


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