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Hollow’s Home Is Not Where The Heart Is Album Review

Metalcore has been a popular subgenre in hard rock for decades now, but like all other genres, it has morphed and transformed into a new age of metalcore. Keeping with the heavier guitars that are just a step lighter and more melodic than traditional metal, the added hardcore punk elements such as thrashing guitar riffs and heavy distortion culminate to create what most people think of when they hear the word ‘metalcore’. But in recent years the subgenre has evolved to include more high and low pitched screaming vocals mixed with clean vocals to add contrast. And it is in this new era of metalcore that Hollow has bestowed upon us their debut album Home Is Not Where The Heart Is.

The bands debut album features 11 tracks that pack a punch from start to finish. The band recently released a video for the first single off the album, ‘Delta F508’, hosts brutal vocals and a soul-crushing breakdown in the bridge that will get your blood flowing. Even the slower songs have a kick to them. ‘Too Far Gone’ starts out with a slow and methodic melody that progresses into a powerful chorus while keeping the verses and bridge on the softer side.

Home Is Where The Heart Is is an action packed album from start to finish. While each song takes a different tone, the combination of the 11 tracks showcases a comprehensive and full range of the metalcore genre.  For fans of old-school metalcore, there is enough of the heavy side that it will keep you entertained while new metalcore fans will find this right in line with what they already know.


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1. Coward King

2. The American Dream

3. Dis/connect

4. Anomaly

5. Too Far Gone

6. Delta F508

7. No Offense

8. Tonguespeak

9. The Wicked

10. Alpha/Omega

11. (Null)

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