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Holy NASA, NASA – Denver Comic Con 2016

In addition to my prowling around Author Alley I did find time to make it over to some panels. One of my favorites was with the ladies and gents at NASA. Forgive me things went too fast to get all of your names and credentials, but suffice it to say you rocked it!

They had a panel on what a super hero from another planet could do here on earth. What would their powers be and what could potentially kill them. They opened with Pluto, now I’m a total Pluto lover even if they downgraded the poor lil guy. They put up some amazing pictures of the dwarf planet and its icy land masses. The best part, they were 3D baby! The room was to capacity and I everyone did a lovely job of sharing glasses.
They mentioned if someone were to come from Pluto they would have to love the cold and would likely not be able to stand the heat in Colorado. They would most likely have to live in Antarctica or somewhere equally cold. They would be able to jump about 1100 feet in the air. Now imagine one from Venus, ouchy! They also outlined a super hero from a Nebulous Star and how he might just explode here. Now that sucks! They didn’t stop there they also talked about a few super heroes in existence and where in our universe they thought they could live.

All in all it was an uplifting and whimsical discussion. They really took their task to heart and came up with some very interesting scenarios that left me wanting more!

I was happy to see that each time I went down the 600 hall the NASA room consistently stated it was at capacity! Oh NASA how I wish I had more time to spend down there talking geeky space stuff! I’m a space nerd from way back and it’s great to see other space nerds with a sense of humor!

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  1. Jodi Cox July 27, 2016 at 10:56 am

    I was the moderator for these panels. That mean girl sitting in the back in the orange shirt. I was the who was trying to cram all the bodies together in the panels. Most of the NASA rooms all of which I moderated were done by the Southwest Research Institute out of Boulder. Were glad you like the panel. I’m sure they will be coming back next year to comic-con if they chose to speak again. They all seemed pretty enthusiastic about coming back next year. Most of them worked on Lunar rover and other parts of the space station. Quite a few of them are on mission to mars team.

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