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Horror Legends Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten Reunited for Upcoming Feature Release: “The Undead” from Crash Films in Association with Charles Young and MCM FILMS

Los Angeles – With enviable careers in the spotlight stretching back 3 decades complete with their publicly known separations and reunifications both professional and private Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten should be considered the Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor of horror.  Rose and Tiersten who both starred in the iconic Sleepaway Camp and the terrifying The Perfect House are set to reunite on screen together side-by-side for the first time in 30 years for the upcoming zombie feature The Undead from Crash Films in Association with Charles Young and MCM FILMS directed by Michael Merino (The Haunting of Pearson Place, Drakul) and written/produced by Mark Anthony Del Negro (The Invited, Drakul).  The Undead is described by Crash Films as THE CHERNOBYL DIARIES meets NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and carries the fantastic tag line: “They’re out for a bite.”

Writer/producer Mark Anthony Del Negro on why he cast horror’s perfect on-screen couple, “Casting both Felissa and Jonathan is an outright dream come true for me. I grew up watching Sleepaway Camp and attended a summer camp on the Massachusetts/New York border as a kid. Looking back it’s kind of funny how fellow campers were scared that either Jason Voorhees or Angela was going to kill us.”

The plot synopsis of The Undead is as follows:  Two yuppies venture out to the country to explore an opportunity away from their stressful city life. After driving several hours with no communication to the civilized world they find themselves isolated in a small and abandoned rural town. After being attacked by a disfigured man the two seek refuge in a house occupied by a young woman with a questionable past. It is there that they learn what has happened to the townspeople and workers of the Russeltown Nuclear Plant. They are left with no alternative but to defend themselves and fight off “THE UNDEAD.”

Jonathan Tiersten’s thoughts on why he chose to accept a starring role in The Undead:  “I just finished reading the script and it’s awesome.  It’s a classic film with no gimmicks, no tricks, it’s about life and death and how you handle it.  It has great characters and I think that’s where the best films come from.  So I am extremely excited to play my part a character named Matthew Jones.  My mom was almost crying when she found out I was playing a good guy.”

The  Undead from Crash Films Inc in Association with Charles Young and MCM FILMS

Starring: Jonathan Tiersten, Felissa Rose, Chanel Ryan, Jessica Sonneborn, Suzi Lorraine, Gabriel Voss, Stephen “Stix” Josey, Jackey Hall and John Thomassen

Directed By: Michael Merino

Produced By: Mark Del Negro, Michael Merino, MIchael Snyder, Charles Young, Stephen “Stix” Josey and Chase Cavalera.

Original Story by: Mark Del Negro

Screenplay by: Michael Merino.

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