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DiNK – Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo

Dink small(By Meli)  First things first, if you missed it…sucks to be you. If you went, congrats you know how cool it was! So many awesome things to see. Amazing art, great stories and lots of people to chat with. The place was far busier than I had expected and that’s a great thing!

DiNK brought together artists, writers, and vendors from all over to showcase their work and share their talents with the people of Denver. They had panels discussing how to publish your own works, how to draw, storyboard and a host of other great topics.

I’m going to go into parent mode for just a second and thank the organizers for giving kids the opportunity to come out free, with a paying adult. I’ve not been to very many events where I can bring a kiddo under 15 without having to pay full price. I think a lot of other adults felt the same way since I did see a lot of kids there. My middle kid is a budding artist and he was very excited, to say the least, about getting the opportunity to see how other folks are putting their talents to use. He loves to draw and does some writing. This expo proved to him that he can be successful in both if he puts his mind to it.

As the day went on and we passed countless tables, and drooled over countless comics and art. We had the pleasure of chatting with Nate Powell. What caught my kids eye was a copy of The Lost Hero: The Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan. My kid just finished reading this book a couple of weeks ago and was super excited to meet someone involved in a book he just finished. What are the chances?

Now on to the more adult take on it, ha ha ha yeah right. Hello, it rocked! There were SO many cool things to see and buy! It was a geeks paradise! I didn’t sit in on any of the full panels, but I poked my head in and got some great tips. I have to say I was a bit jealous as well. All of the artists make it seem so simple. Stuff pops into their head, boom they put in on paper, or whatever medium they prefer. If I had the ability to do that I’d probably be in deep shit. I’ve got some crazy stuff rolling around in this brain of mine and it was doing the traditional Groovey.TV wheelie all day long while at DiNK.

Thank you for having us out, thank you for making it affordable and awesome and of course, thank you for bringing so much talent under one roof so we could all get our geek on!

One more thing, the quote of the day goes to The Enigma when I asked what he was up to “Just DiNKing around” that about sums it up!

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