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New York, NY ““  October 31, 2011) ““      Los Angeles  Indy Rockers, Skyler Nielsen (Vocals, Guitar/Piano), Mykul Lee (Drums/Vocals) and  Jussi Karvinen (Guitar/Vocals)  better known as Oh No Not Stereo bring their innovative edge to their fifth release and third full length album,InCaseOfStaresUseFire  to market.      After writing over 50 songs the band along with acclaimed producer Jayson DeZuzio (Foxy Shazam, Coheed and Cambria) chiseled it down to 10 dynamic sounding tracks.      This experience of making this record, recorded both in the band’s home studio and Hollywood’s SoundFactory, has definitely reflected the common thread of how this band makes records which is constantly being innovative and flexible to change.      Critics and fans have definitely found that the album as a whole brings a dynamitic sound of propulsive rock, angular heaviness, to strong ballads.

…it’s clear [Oh No Not Stereo are] defying people’s hankering to squeeze bands into one genre and writing what they want to hear…This asset also makes them palatable to a host of different genre lovers…”                                ““  Alternative Press

Oh No Not Stereo could be on the verge of being the next big thing in mainstream music, with harmonizing vocals and catchy hooks…Whatever your musical preference is, Oh No Not Stereo is worth a listen.”                                  ““  Skratch Magazine

…Oh No Not Stereo may just be the next big thing. As soon as this fad of emo drama queens and tough guy terribleness like Puddle of Mudd and Saliva is forcibly removed from the airwaves, Oh No Not Stereo is the perfect band to emerge.” ““

Along with the trend of keeping innovative the band decided to make this album as visual as possible.      “˜Static Friction Heart’, the band’s first call out single paints the perfect picture of how the band spent 12 weeks conceptualizing and filming a music video for every song on the album.       We wanted to infuse the record with additional life and offer visual experiences that made a parallel with the meaning of the tracks.” says Lee.      As a result of the band’s creativity and sound    they have already caught the eye of leading industry leaders, with an early video placement in MTV’s reboot of Beavis and Butthead, a Delta Airlines In-Air Flight Program playlist with “˜Static Friction Heart’ and more to come.    ONNS have also garnered such sponsors as Fender, Orange Amps, Ernie Ball Strings, SJC Drums,  Hollywood  Guitars, adidas, AMP Energy Drink and more.    All of these benefactors are clearly the mark of hard work.    After touring both the US and  UK  with bands such as The All- American Rejects, Hit the Lights, Bayside, Sugarcult, The Photo Atlas, The Epilogues, And There For Tomorrow the band will take their new recordings out to fans for a forthcoming tour.

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